Lisa Blouse (リサ・ブラウス Risa Burausu?) is the mother of Sasha Blouse and wife of Mr. Blouse.[1]


Lisa has dark hair tied in a bun. When she visited Sasha's grave she wore black clothing.


From what is seen, Lisa is a very kind, affectionate woman. When Gabi and Falco first arrive, she attempts to affectionately nuzzle Gabi's hair, and although Gabi swats her hand away, it does not upset her, understanding that Gabi must have been through a lot.[2] She cares about her family very much, and was deeply saddened by Sasha's death.

Like her husband, Lisa is very selfless; upon discovering that Gabi is responsible for killing Sasha, she decides to let go of her pain and hatred to forgive Gabi, telling Niccolo to let go of Falco.[3]


War for Paradis arc

The Blouses mourn Sasha

Lisa Blouse and her husband go to their daughter's grave and mourn her.[1]

Kaya brings two young runaways to the Blouse family's farm, and Lisa and her husband agree to give the children food. As she is serving the food, Lisa tries to be friendly with one of the children, but is spurned for her efforts. Assuming the child has been traumatized by something, Lisa elects to give her space.[4]

Lisa tells Niccolo to release Falco

Along with her husband and the children, Lisa goes to Niccolo's restaurant, telling the kids to eat a lot. Later, Niccolo tells them Mia is the one who murdered Sasha and offers Mr. Blouse an opportunity to avenge her. The latter takes the knife that was handed to him and, explaining his reasons for not taking it, he hands the knife to Lisa. Following her husband's words, she puts the knife on the table and tells Niccolo to release an unconscious Ben. She checks him then restrains Kaya from stabbing Mia, understanding and sharing her sorrow.[5]

Later, when the Yeagerists arrive to the restaurant, Lisa and the rest of the Blouse family are taken captive along with the Survey Corps members present.[6] They are taken to Shiganshina, where the entire group is imprisoned in the district's military headquarters.[7] As the fight on the prison's rooftop ensues, Lisa and the other prisoners wonder what the sound overhead them was about.[8]



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