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This is a list containing all the chapters from the Spoof on Titan manga series.

# Japanese English
Release date ISBN Release date ISBN
1 August 8, 2014[1] ISBN : 978-4-06-395152-3 September 13, 2016[2] ISBN : 9-781-63236-408-1
Chapters list :
  1. Spoof Assault 1
  2. Titan Fever!
  3. Spoof Assault 2
  4. Spoof Assault 3
  5. Spoof Assault 4
  6. Mikasa, the Queen of Style
  7. Oluo's Demise
  8. Jean and the Love Umbrellas
  9. Genie of the Lamp
  10. Boys, Girls, and Written Exams
  11. Working Overtime with Erwin
  12. The Romantic Tale of Hannah and Franz
  13. The Warmth of a Family
  14. Asking Too Much! The Survey Corps Welcoming Party
  15. Krista's Cookies
  16. Got a Problem? Big Bro's Got Your Back
  17. The Matrimony Misunderstanding
  18. A Day in Mikasa's Life at the Office
  19. The Bad Influence of Stohess District
  20. Poker Face
  21. Dental Health
  22. Equestrian Club
  23. Let's Go to the Circus!
  24. The Nose Knows!
  25. The Student Resembles the Teacher
  26. (Let's Date)
  27. Believe It, Eren!!
Spoof on Titan Volume 1
Cover character :
Annie Leonhart
Reiner Braun
Bertolt Hoover
Sasha Blouse
Krista Lenz
Mikasa Ackerman
Eren Yeager
Jean Kirstein
Marco Bott
Armin Arlert
Connie Springer
Pages :
160 (JA)

128 (US)

Cover of Spoof on Titan Volume 1

With all the danger and hard work that comes with being a soldier in the Survey Corps, it's only natural that Eren Yeager and his comrades would want some relaxation. But with all the hijinks his comrades stir up, even time off can stress a soldier out! Flunking tests, pulling all-nighters, and summoning magic genies?! Join the fun as smaller, cuter versions of Eren, Levi, Mikasa, and the rest of the Survey Corps get together for all sorts of misadventures in this four-panel comic strip spinoff of the hit manga Attack on Titan!

# Japanese English
Release date ISBN Release date ISBN
2 April 9, 2015[3] ISBN : 978-4-06-395360-2 December 13, 2016[4] ISBN : 9-781-63236-409-8
Chapters list :
  1. A Trost Fairy Tale in Manga
  2. Work, Military Police Brigade!
  3. Petra's Day Off
  4. Rabbits Are Tasty
  5. Shaving With Connie
  6. Hange's Prison
  7. Fright Night
  8. Join Us!
  9. Cheer Historia Up!
  10. Rumors: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  11. Laugh, Annie!
  12. Spoof! Titan Elementary
  13. Let's Make Up
  14. I Only Look Like A Pretty Boy, That's All
  15. No Alcohol Until You Turn 20
  16. Farmer Yeager
  17. Bad Feeling
  18. Wings of Restraint
  19. Reeves' Dreamy Trost Shopping Network
  20. Fishing Paradise
  21. The Games Kids Play
  22. Nick, the Chair Craftsman
  23. I Love Cats
  24. Make It in Time, Military Police Brigade!
  25. Armin's Training
  26. Erwin's Elegant Day Off
  27. Spaceship "Wings of Liberty"

Final Chapter: To the Future You

Spoof on Titan Volume 2
Cover character :
Mike Zacharias
Erwin Smith
Gunther Schultz
Eld Jinn
Hange Zoë
Eren Yeager
Oluo Bozado
Petra Ral
Marlowe Freudenberg
Boris Feulner
Hitch Dreyse
Rico Brzenska
Ian Dietrich
Pages :
Cover of Spoof on Titan Volume 2

Eren and the gang are back for one last hurrah, and they're pulling out all the stops! How would the Survey Corps fare in space? Who's scared of ghosts? And perhaps most importantly, why are all the guys dressing up as Historia?! Find out in this final four-panel comic strip spinoff of the hit manga Attack on Titan!