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Attack on Titan 2 has a number of characters players may make and maintain friendships with. As the friendship increases, these characters provide additional skills to players. Friendship increases by conversing with characters that have hearts above their heads, with answers providing varying degrees of friendship. Each time the friendship bar fills, the player receives an additional skill.

Skills by Character

Character Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 4 Skill 5 Skill 6
Eren Yeager Never Say Die Concentration +3 Never Say Die Lv. 2 "Strength +5" "Never Say Die Lv.3" "Willpower"
Mikasa Ackermann Strength +3 Air Move Agility +5 Multi-Dash Strength +10 "Blade Art"
Armin Arlelt Leadership +5 Ready For Anything RA: "Emergency Rations" "Leadership +10" "Well Prepared" "Siege Formation"
Reiner Braun Health +3 Health +5 "Health +10" "Blade Guard" - -
Bertholdt Hoover Agility +3 "Agility +5" "Agility +10" "Back From The Brink" - -
Annie Leonhart Chase Down Chase Down Lv. 2 "Concentration +10" "Chase Down Lv. 3" - -
Jean Kirschstein Dexterity +3 Swoop Attack Dexterity +5 Mid-Air First Aid "Dexterity +10"
Marco Bodt RA: "Form Material Recovery Squad" RA: "Form Titan Capturing Squad"
Conny Springer Dexterity +3 Gas Saver Lv. 2 Dexterity +5 "Gas Saver Lv. 3" "Dexterity +10"
Sasha Braus Agility +3 Blade Saver Lv. 2 Agility +5 "Blade Saver Lv. 3" "Agility +10" "Predicament"
Christa Lenz Motivator Leadership +3 Motivator Lv. 2 Friendship Motivator Lv. 3 Alms of the Goddess
Ymir Health +3 Surprise Attack Health +5 "Surprise Attack Lv. 2" "Health +10"
Thomas Wagner Blade Saver
Mina Carolina Gas Saver
Levi Ackerman Strength +5 Mid-Air Blade Swap RA: "Intensive Cleaning Week" Spinning Slash Strength +10 Multi-Strike
Oruo Bozad Robbery Strength +3 "Robbery Lv. 2" "Strength +5" "Robbery Lv. 3"
Petra Ral Sudden Death Concentration +3 Sudden Death Lv. 2 "Concentration +5"
Gunther Schultz Health +3 - RA: "Improved Base-Building"
Eld Gin Leadership +3 - - -
Erwin Smith Leadership +3 "Leadership +5" RA: "Analysis of Battle Reports" "Lightning Speed"
Hannes Dexterity +3 RA: "Regiment Store Sale"
Rico Brzenska RA: "Animal Bonding Week"
Kitz Woermann "Mining Base Lv. 3"
Keith Sadies
Dot Pyxis "Dexterity +5"
Nanaba Secret Maneuver
Gelgar Dueler Dueler Lv. 2 Strength +5 Dueler Lv.3 Strength +3
Hange Zoë Concentration +3 "Appeal" "Concentration +10" RA: "Titan Research Promotion" "Titan Hunter" "Research Grounding"
Miche Zacharius Strength +3 Concentration +5 Stealth Strength +5

Skill Descriptions

Skill Effect Ranks Source
About Titans: Volume X Use Titan research to very slightly increase damage dealt to Titans. Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Advanced ODM Skills Slowly increases attack power between each touchdown while flying. 3
Agility Increases speed of ODM maneuvers. 3 x +3
3 x +5
2 x +10
+3 (Bertholdt, Sasha)
+5 (Mikasa, Sasha)
Air Move Extends the range of air jumps. 1 Mikasa
Alms of the Goddess Acquire an item when linking up with allied soldiers. 1
Appeal More likely to be targeted by Titans. 1
Back From The Brink Survive a single time without dying. 1
Battle Increases attack power while a battle alert signal is raised, and increases length of time effects last. 1
Blade Art Halves blade durability losses on sufficiently speedy attacks. 1 1 (Mikasa)
Blade Guard Attack the Titan's arm when caught in its clutches. 1
Blade Saver Slightly reduces blade durability losses when attacking. 3 1 (Thomas)
2 (Sasha)
Chase Down Slightly increases attack power against Titans with less remaining body parts. 3 1 (Annie)
2 (Annie)
Concentration Increase crit chance and sneak attack damage. 3 x +3
3 x +5
2 x +10
+3 (Eren, Petra, Hange)
Courageousness Slightly increases chances of materials being dropped when a body part is destroyed. 2
Dexterity Raises Gas Saver rank, increases sword durability and item damage. 3 x +3
3 x +5
2 x +10
+3 (Jean, Conny, Hannes)
+5 (Jean, Conny)
Dueler Attack power against Titans targeting you increases slightly. 2 1 (Gelgar)
Friendship Increases the amount that friendship increases. 1
Gas Saver Slightly reduces ODM gas consumption. 3 1 (Mina)
2 (Conny)
Good Treatment Significantly increases amount of salary received. 2
Health Increases health and speed of escaping Titan's grip. 3 x +3
3 x +5
2 x +10
+3 (Reiner, Ymir, Gunther)
+5 (Reiner, Ymir)
Item Meister Slightly increases length of time that item effects last. 3
Leadership Increases damage of companions and lowers their skill cooldowns. 3 x +3
5 x +5
2 x +10
+3 (Christa, Eld, Erwin)
+5 (Armin)
Lightning Speed Enable an immediate charge when sneak attack sights are aligned. 1
Mid-Air Blade Swap Change blades in mid-air. 1 Levi
Mid-Air First Aid Allows restoratives to be used even in mid-air. 1 Jean
Motivator Slightly reduces cooldown time for Buddy Actions. 3 1 (Christa)
2 (Christa)
Multi-Dash Perform successive boost dashes. 1 Mikasa
Multi-Strike Press repeatedly while attacking to hit multiple times. 1 Levi
Negotiating Skill Gives you a discount in shops. 1
Never Say Die Slightly lowers gauge speed when surrounded by Titans. 3 1 (Eren)
2 (Eren)
Predicament Attack power increases when injured. 1
Ready For Anything Increase the number of items that can be taken into battle. 1 Armin
Research Grounding Increases damage done by attacks using tools. 1
Robbery Acquire a piece of material when eliminating Titans with sneak attacks. 3 1 (Oruo)
Secret Maneuver Less likely to be detected by Titans. 2 1 (Nanaba)
Siege Formation Allied soldiers' attack power increases as more soldiers fight together. 1
  1. (Armin)
Spinning Slash Accelerate and then perform a powerful spinning attack. 1 Levi
Strength Increases damage. 3 x +3
4 x +5
2 x +10
+3 (Mikasa, Oruo)
+5 (Levi)
+10 (Mikasa, Levi)
Strong Bonds Attack power increases as more soldiers fight together. 1
Sudden Death Your attack power increases slightly when you enter the danger zone. 3 1 (Petra)
2 (Petra)
Surprise Attack Attack power against Titans not targeting you increases slightly. 3 1 (Ymir)
Swoop Attack Come down from above the enemy to perform a powerful swooping attack. 1 Jean
Tail-End Rise Increases the damage of the next attack after acquiring a "Complete Elimination" medal. 1
Titan Hunter Allows 15m class and 7m class Titans to be captured without severing their feet. 1 1 (Hange Zoe)
Treasure Drive Acquire a piece of material when eliminating Titans with Hook Drive. 2
Upstanding Soldier Increases the amount that popularity increases. 1
Well-Prepared Greatly increase the number of items that can be taken into battle. 1 1 (Armin)
Willpower Maintain movement speed even when injured. 1 1 (Eren)