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Attack on Titan has a total of ten playable characters that are gradually unlocked as the player progresses through Attack Mode. All characters are unlocked by the end of Chapter 3.

General Information

In Attack Mode, the player is initially restricted to playing Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackermann, Armin Arlelt, and Levi in order to follow the story from the anime.

However, as the player proceeds through the game they will unlock additional characters who can be used on replay and also on the optional Survey Missions.

Each character has a total of six skills to help distinguish them from each other. Some skills are shared between multiple characters and others are exclusive to just one. This allows the player to find a character that suits their individual play style or a particular mission.

Skills are unlocked by gaining experience from mission completion and leveling up.

Unlocking Characters

Players begin with Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackermann, and Armin Arlelt by default. Most of the main characters from the 104th Cadet Corps become available later on, with the notable exceptions of Annie Leonhart, Reiner Braun, and Bertholdt Hoover.

Character Unlock Requirement
Eren Jaeger Available at start of the game
Mikasa Ackermann Available at start of the game
Armin Arlelt Available at start of the game
Jean Kirschtein Complete the mission "The World The Girl Saw"
Conny Springer Complete the mission "The World The Girl Saw"
Levi Complete the mission "Scout Regiment"
Hange Zoë Complete the mission "Return To Trost District"
Sasha Braus Complete the mission "At The Edge Of The Forest"
Christa Lenz Complete the mission "At The Edge Of The Forest"
Erwin Smith Complete the mission "Soldiers Dance"

Skills by Character

Character Skill Lvl 1 Skill Lvl 2 Skill Lvl 3 Skill Lvl 4 Skill Lvl 5 Skill Lvl 6 Skill Lvl 7
Eren Jaeger Reckless/


Swoop Guts Chain Dash Focus Rotating Slash Power of Humanity
Mikasa Ackermann Chain Attack Swoop Focus Chain Dash Rotating Slash Duelist Swordsmanship
Armin Arlelt Tactician's Eyes Chain Dash Always Prepared Expert Beggar Enhanced Concentration Ready for Anything Flanking
Jean Kirschstein Chain Dash Always Prepared Aerial Replacement Enhanced Leadership Swoop Togetherness Order
Conny Springer Swoop Ambush Stealth Relentless Enhanced Stamina Chain Dash Class Clown
Sasha Braus Elimination Bonus Enhanced Dexterity Chain Attack Stealth Ambush Hunter Under Pressure
Christa Lenz Charisma Reward Bonus Expert Beggar Elimination Bonus Chain Dash Duelist Dedication
Levi Rotating Slash Chain Attack Aerial Replacement Swoop Chain Dash Togetherness Wings of Freedom
Hange Zoë Tactician's Eyes Relentless Swoop Expert Beggar Focus Always Prepared Research
Erwin Smith Tactician's Eyes Charisma Aerial Replacement Ready for Anything Guts Chain Attack Decisive Battle

Skill Descriptions

Skill Effect
Aerial Replacement Allows you to replace blades mid-air.
Always Prepared Increases the number of items that can be brought to the battlefield.
Ambush Increases attack power against Titans who are not attacking you.
Chain Attack Allows for additional attacks after an attacks lands.
Chain Dash Allows you to boost twice in a row.
Charisma Make it easier to fill the Decisive Battle Signal Meter.
Class Clown Increases the attack power of the next attack whenever the Complete Subjugation medal is acquired.
Decisive Battle Further increases attack power when a Decisive Battle Signal is active.
Dedication Make it easier to find items.
Duelist Increases attack power against Titans who are attacking you.
Elimination Bonus Make it easier to acquire rare materials as Body Part Destruction Rewards.
Enhanced Concentration Increases Concentration.
Enhanced Dexterity Increases Dexterity.
Enhanced Leadership Increases Leadership.
Enhanced Stamina Increases Stamina.
Expert Beggar Reduces the time required between your allies' attacks.
Flanking Increases the attack power of team members as more individuals join you.
Focus Increases the amount of time Decisive Battle Signals are active.
Guts Keeps your movements sharp even when injured.
Hunter Increases your all of your abilities.
Order Keeps the number of Decisive Battle Signal reinforcements at a constant maximum.
Power of Humanity Increases attack power as more Decisive Battle Signals are fired.
Ready for Anything Greatly increases the number of items that can be brought to the battlefield.
Reckless Reduce leadership (by Eren before completing Attack Mode)
Relentless Increases your attack power as the number of a Titan's remaining body parts decreases.
Research Increases the attack power of cannons, firebombs and traps.
Reward Bonus Increases the amount of funs acquired as a reward.
Rotating Slash Allows for a powerful Rotating Slash by accelerating for an extended amount of time.
Stealth Make it harder for enemies to attack you.
Swoop Allows for a powerful downward strike by attacking the enemy from above.
Swordsmanship Reduces blade durability loss during quick attacks.
Tactician's Eyes Allows you to give orders to soldiers fighting with you.
Togetherness Increases your attack power as more soldiers join your fight.
Transformation Enables Titan transformation when Decisive Battle Signals are active.
Under Pressure Increases attack power when in a damage state.
Wings of Freedom Increases the attack power and number of additional hits in Chain Attacks.