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Living Creatures (生き物 Ikimono?) is the 2nd chapter of the 2nd volume and the 6th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: No Regrets manga, written by Gun Snark and illustrated by Hikaru Suruga.


Squad Leader Flagon Turret reiterates the protocols for the Long Distance Scouting Formation for Levi, Furlan Church, Isabel Magnolia, and Sairam. While the other soldiers sleep, Levi, Furlan, and Isabel continue discussing how to get the documents from Erwin Smith without being noticed, but Isabel confesses that she wants to go out and kill more Titans than they already do.

The next day they continue their expedition; things are going well until Keith Shadis, apprehensive, spots storm clouds moving in. The rain quickly drenches the Survey Corps and renders signal flares useless. Erwin realizes that they are at a loss of communication and is dismayed that the formation's first test run was a failure. Ordered to keep their eyes open, the soldiers gallop forwards underneath the storm, uneasy that they are vulnerable to Titan attacks any moment.


Erwin explains the formation plans

Erwin explains the formation

Prior to the expedition, squad leader Erwin Smith goes over the new formation.

Because of the unique position he has been put in, squad leader Flagon Turret reiterates the protocols for the formation for Levi, Flagon Turret, Isabel Magnolia, and Sairam. Due to Isabel's over-excitement, Flagon tells them the true situation the Survey Corps is in but he vows that with this new formation they will turn things around.

Isabel's feelings towards the Survey Corps

Isabel expresses her support for the Survey Corps' cause

While the other soldiers sleep, Levi's thoughts keep him awake. He, Furlan and Isabel continue discussing how to get the documents from Erwin without being noticed. After a while, Furlan feels it would be best to focus on getting home safely, while Isabel is more worried about getting in the way of the Survey Corps. She confesses that she understands why they travel outside the Walls, and that she wants them to go out and fight even more Titans than they already do. Isabel schemes that if they end up living in the capital, they will steal lots of money and use it however they want.

The next day they continue their expedition; at Erwin's command, they execute the formation flawlessly. So far, things are going well. Isabel deduces that because of the formation, they have changed course fourteen times. This worries Furlan, as he assumes that stopping will mean the end of them. But it seems they spoke too soon, a storm like no other is setting in. Before they realize it, they are drenched in rain so strong they can barely see in front of them. As the threat of loss of communication between the squads looms over them, Erwin suggests disbanding the formation. As Erwin hopelessly uses a signal flare, it is clear, they are now in the worst situation they could be in outside the Walls.

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