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Quote1 I already told you, I'm just a recruit! I don't need the Garrison now, or those overpaid geezers in command! Quote2
— Lobov reminds Jean Kirstein of his new outlook[3]

Lobov (ロボフ Robofu?) was a new Survey Corps recruit (新兵 Shinpei?) and former commander (師団長 Shidanchō?) of the Garrison who participated in the Raid on Liberio.[4]


Lobov was a man of average stature and a heavier build. He had short dark hair kept longer at the front and parted to the side. While in the Garrison he could be seen wearing the standard Garrison uniform.

During the Raid on Liberio, he wore a black uniform along with anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment.


He appeared to have a high-strung and rigid personality, with a huge respect for the duties of a soldier. Upon over-hearing a soldier's talks of fleeing the battlefield, Lobov was so appalled that he threatened to execute the soldier on the spot.

During his time in the Survey Corps, Lobov showed a degree of bravery by electing to protect the airship in its retreat. His insistence that he was just a recruit, despite his former position, and his rejection of the Garrison and its members, imply Lobov saw himself as a new man after changing divisions.


Battle of Trost District arc

While awaiting orders during the battle of Trost, Lobov overhears a trainee soldier threatening to flee, and confronts him. When the boy reiterates his intentions to leave, Lobov draws his swords, threatening to execute him if he leaves. Their confrontation is interrupted by commander Dot Pixis, who announces the Garrison's plan to reseal Wall Rose.[5]

Marley arc

Lobov is killed by Gabi

Lobov is shot in the head by Gabi

After the secrets of Eren Yeager's basement are made public, Lobov transfers from the Garrison to the Survey Corps, feeling that the revelations of the outside world have made its existence redundant.[4]

Lobov is among the soldiers that take part in the attack on Liberio. As the Survey Corps makes its retreat via airship, Lobov elects to wait outside of the ship and make sure that all of the Corps' soldiers return.[4] As he is patrolling, he catches sight of two civilians following the airship on the ground. Before he can react, one kid shoots him in the face, killing him.[6]


  • The name "Lobov" is Russian in origin and is derived from the Russian word "lob," meaning "forehead."