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Quote1.png We'll use our strength to overthrow the Royal Government...and we will seize control over what's left of humanity inside these Walls. Quote2.png
— Erwin Smith decides the fate of humanity

Location of the Counterattack (反撃の場所 Hangeki no Basho?) is the 4th and final chapter of the 13th volume and the 54th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


Historia as a child sits with a mysterious woman, who teaches her how to read and how to be ladylike. As the woman leaves, she asks Historia to forget about her, and Historia does not recognize her as she turns away. Waking up from this memory, Historia is unable to remember her dream but knows it was important. She and Eren talk, and Eren says he prefers her now to her when she was trying to be all perfect Krista.

In Trost District, the Reeves Company men go to make sure their captured Eren and Historia are the real ones, but are ambushed by Levi and his squad. Levi takes their boss, Dimo Reeves, to sit atop the Wall where they talk, and Levi convinces him to help the efforts of the Survey Corps. Levi says he will give them Eren and Historia under three conditions: the Reeves Company will aid the Survey Corps, they will trust the Corps wholeheartedly, and the Corps will have access to whatever goods the Reeves Company possesses; Dimo agrees.

A short while later, Squad Levi and Dimo Reeves succeed in capturing Djel Sannes for interrogation. Elsewhere, Commander Erwin, returning from Mitras, meets with Commander Pixis. Together they begin to discuss the need to overthrow the Royal Government.


Historia's dream

Many years ago in her youth, a young Historia Reiss sits with the dark-haired woman from Eren's lost memories. The woman compliments Historia, impressed by her skill, but Historia says that it is all thanks to her "big sister," the woman in question. The woman playfully teases Historia to be more ladylike as a line of snot drips down Historia's nose. Historia asks what it means to be ladylike, and the woman points to an illustration in her book of a girl offering an apple to a hooded, malicious figure. She urges Historia to have the love of everyone around her to be able to work together with others. Historia turns and says she wants to be like her sister, which causes her sister to panic. She clutches and hugs Historia to her chest. Placing her forehead against Historia's, her sister asks Historia to forget about her. Historia's expression goes blank as the woman leaves with her belongings. Historia looks after to her, confused - she has already forgotten the woman's identity.

Historia wakes up from this memory with a jolt, startling Eren awake as well. She comments that she felt like she had a very important dream, but can not remember it. Rubbing his eyes, Eren mentions that often happens to him. Shocked that it is almost sunset, Eren wonders aloud if their opponent is truly the Reeves Corporation. Sliding into the chair opposite Historia, Eren looks away and apologizes for failing to harden, forcing the Survey Corps into the current strategy. Historia asks why he is apologizing to her; confused, Eren mentions Historia's wish to help Ymir as soon as possible. Historia suggests her feelings have changed, that "help" is not the correct word.

Eren and Historia talk while waiting Squad Levi

She acknowledges that Ymir's choices were her own, and that all Historia has left now is her family she knows nothing about - leaving her wondering if she is even able to handle such responsibility. Eren asks her what she wants to do. After a brief pause, Historia tells him that she envies him, always knowing exactly what he wants to do, much like their comrades in the Survey Corps.

Now that Ymir is gone, Historia no longer knows who she is or what she wants. Eren flippantly replies that he had no clue when taking action; looking around at the state of their world, if he did nothing those he cared about would be eaten and lost. In that sense, there is nothing else to do besides act. Bluntly, Eren suggests Historia should worry about Armin taking her place, rather than her own woes. She apologizes, describing Krista in terms similar to how the older woman described a "lady" and noting Krista would have been concerned immediately. Historia Reiss, however, was not loved, did not wish to be born into her life, and is empty - like a character in a book, Krista and girls like her are nothing but fiction. The real Historia is empty and has lost hope. Eren looks Historia in her eyes and waves away that comment; he had always disliked Krista, seeing her as phony - but Historia is normal, a "stupidly honest, regular person."

Mikasa takes down Dimo Reeves

At the warehouse, one of the Reeves men confirms they have captured Eren and Krista, but when pressed admits he has not checked for disguises. As the three men enter the warehouse, they note the guard is missing. In a flash, Levi and Mikasa subdue the three men and Armin and Jean tie them up. Mikasa shouts to the roof for confirmation that all targets have been captured, and Connie affirms. At that moment, however, the leader of the three men begins to pull out a pistol. In a flash, an arrow is shot by Sasha which pierces the gun and the threat is subdued. Levi asks the man who drew the pistol if he was the boss; he stammers that he is the chauffeur, and that he does not know anything. Mikasa takes a look at him and remembers his face: this is Dimo Reeves, the President of the Reeves Company. Levi grabs Dimo, and orders the Survey Corps to leave his men behind in the warehouse. While adjusting a hostage's gag, Armin is harassed, but Jean urges him to ignore it and move on.

Levi brings Dimo to the top of the former front gate of Trost. After discussing the situation of the Survey Corps, the Reeves Company, and humanity in general, Levi makes a threefold proposition to Dimo. In exchange for handing over Eren and Historia to the Reeves company, the Reeves Company must abide by three conditions: to fully support the efforts of the Survey Corps, to wholeheartedly trust the Survey Corps, and to allow the Survey Corps to have access to whatever Reeves Company luxury goods they please. Impressed by Levi's savvy and fortitude, Dimo agrees to his terms and they shake hands.

Levi and Hange prepare to torture Djel

In the night, Dimo leads a caravan on a road carved into a cliff. Two Brigade officers ask if he is positive both Eren and Historia are in the wilderness. Reeves shouts back that he is keeping Eren in a cave. Suddenly, the Brigade officers' carriage wheel slips off the path. Screaming, they plunge into the raging waters below. Another Brigade officer wheels his horse around to request a search. Across the river, Dimo looks to see the Survey Corps has recovered the bodies. 

While Eren gazes at his key with Mikasa while the other members of the Survey Corps gather around a small candle-lit table, in another room Hange and Levi prepare their torture equipment for the Brigade officer Djel Sannes.

Finished with his business in Mitras, Erwin visits Dot Pixis and together they begin to discuss Erwin's new plan of action. With their power, the Survey Corps will overthrow the Royal Government and take authority over everyone left within the Walls.

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Book Frieda was reading to Historia.png

In page 7, a page of the book Frieda was reading to Historia can be seen. The katakana translates as follows:

エイチティティコロンスラッシュ ブログドットライブドアドットジェイ ピースラッシュスライスアンダーバーサレタス ラッシュエイチティティコロンスラッシュスラ ッシュピクシブドッチミースライスサレタショ ジョヤマモトアリサイチイチゼロロク

Which in English corresponds to the personal URLs of Arisa Yamamoto, one of Hajime Isayama's assistants:[1]


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