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Long-Awaited Weapon (翹望の戎具 Gyōbō no Jūgu?) is the 4th and final chapter of the 12th volume and the 44th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


Kuklo and Cardina note the improved progress of the trainees and they move on to the next phase of training. Eventually, a carriage arrives at the training area carrying both Sharle and Angel. After catching up with the others after fifteen years in exile, Angel goes in depth with the flaws in his device's old design and introduces the newest variation of it, which he dubs 'vertical maneuvering equipment'.


Kuklo and Cardina practice horseback riding

Kuklo and Cardina practice horseback riding, with the latter commentating how much Kuklo has improved. Kuklo states that it still is coming to him and will need to continue to improve. Cardina notes that it is one month since they started the training regimen and the trainees are showing remarkable progress, especially Rosa. Cardina laughs and mentions that Kuklo should start coming up with an argument to tell Maria that Rosa belongs in the Survey Corps; Kuklo nervously believes that would be harder than riding a horse.

Kuklo and Sharle reunite

The second month of training involves climbing a large rock face with no support or gear. During her turn, Rosa loses her footing and falls onto the sandbags at the base. Seeing others fall as well, Rosa makes up her mind to try even harder. Kai tries to congratulate Rosa on her progress, but gets slapped and returns to the end of the line; the other recruits look on as Ivo becomes one of the first to reach the top. During the last run of the day, Felix notes a carriage approaching. Kuklo orders them to halt; Jorge arrives and dismisses them, informing the trainees to rest up and prepare for the following day's training. Rosa sees that Kuklo and Cardina are going towards the carriage, wondering if they know who is inside. When Sharle steps outside, the others remark how gorgeous Sharle is; when Rosa sees Sharle hugging Kuklo, she remembers how Kuklo talked about her while healing. Visibly disappointed, Rosa looks down but quietly is glad they were able to reunite.

Fuchs finds out Kuklo is alive

After several moments, Sharle and Kuklo express how happy they are the other is alive and alright. Just then, Angel comes out much to everyone's shock. Angel admits that due to Sharle, he decided to come out of his exile; when Kuklo expresses how amazing his device is, Angel responds that it is misplaced and not up to his expectations. After Angel tells the others that they stopped at the Industrial City and reunited with Xenophon, Carlo arrives too and suggests they go inside to continue so the recruits do not overhear them. Angel and Carlo trade a few lighthearted barbs before going in. From far away, Fuchs is stationed up in a tree and spots Kuklo still alive, confirming his suspicion that Kuklo survived his duel with Xavi. Forming a devious smile, he jumps down from the tree and lands on his feet; brushing himself off, Fuchs chuckles to himself as he goes to send a report to Xavi.

Angel retells how he traveled with Sharle to the Industrial City and were able to create a more refined version of his device. He goes on to say that the prototype of the device was flawed, but applauds Xenophon's progress during the last fifteen years. Sharle continues that it combined horizontal and vertical movement which contributed with the increased weight. Noting that Kuklo stumbled upon the fact that Titans were not stationary targets, the device was remade from the ground up to incorporate it; presenting a metal case, Angel opens it and reveals the final evolution of his device: the vertical maneuvering equipment.

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