This article is about the second Attack on Titan: Lost Girls manga story arc. For the visual novel, see Lost in the Cruel World (Visual Novel).

Lost in the Cruel World arc is the second story arc in the Attack on Titan: Lost Girls manga.


Mikasa Ackerman imagines a world where the Titans never invaded the Walls and her parents are not killed by her kidnappers. This Mikasa of an alternate world meets a young boy, Eren Yeager, and learns of his desire to see the outside world.


Cover Number Title Release date
6 Eren Yeager
 (エレン・イェーガー Eren Yēgā?)
January 9, 2016
Lost Girls - Chapter 6 CoverDuring the battle of Trost District, Mikasa thinks about Eren's death and imagines a better world she could have lived in. In the year 844, Mikasa's mother teaches her an embroidery pattern known only to her family and encourages her to pass it on to her children. Their home is visited by Dr. Yeager, who introduces Mikasa to his son Eren. As Dr. Yeager checks on Mrs. Ackerman, Mikasa tells Eren that her mother is pregnant and believes she is carrying a boy. Eren says the boy should become a soldier, and he expresses his desire to see the outside world in the Survey Corps. He makes Mikasa promise not to tell anyone his secret, and the two venture outside.

Eren and Mikasa wander the woods outside of the Ackerman family home. Mikasa becomes afraid, and Eren asks her what she wants to do with her life. Eren is disappointed in her indecision, and Mikasa becomes upset. Seeing her tears, Eren comforts her and insists the forest is safe. However, not long after, they hear the sound of howling and head for the noise. They come across a pack of wild dogs eating the corpses of three civilians. After the dogs run off, they inform the adults that they discovered corpses in the woods, and the Military Police Brigade is called to investigate.

Dr. Yeager's continues to bring Eren to the Ackerman house during the checkups, and Mikasa learns about Armin. Mikasa becomes very fond of Eren's visits.

Cover Number Title Release date
7 Shiganshina
 (シガンシナ Shiganshina?)
February 9, 2016
Lost Girls - Chapter 7 CoverAs Mikasa grows more anxious awaiting Eren's return, her mother grows sick and Dr. Yeager is called over early. Because of her condition, Eren's visits increase to every five days. At Eren's next visit, she sees that he has been injured by people who felt his views were heretical. After explaining what had happened, Eren tells Mikasa of what exists in the outside world and his desire to join the Training Corps as soon as he is able. Mikasa worries that Eren will get beaten by someone again. When the Yeagers leave, Mikasa's father notices Dr. Yeager had left his hat in their home and sends Mikasa to Shiganshina District to return it to them.

After arriving in Shiganshina, Mikasa spots Eren. The bell of Shiganshina rings, and Eren calls Mikasa over so that they can see the return of the Survey Corps. Upon their disastrous arrival, Mikasa worries for Eren's future. Eren overhears insults about the Survey Corps from civilians nearby and strikes one of them, and he is taken into a nearby alley and beaten viciously while the man's friend holds back Mikasa, insisting that Eren deserves it.

Some time later, Eren is treated by his father. Mikasa claims that his injuries were incurred from him tripping, though his parents realize the truth. Realizing that she is helpless to stop Eren's reckless pursuit of his dream, she only agrees to keep his dreams a secret.

Cover Number Title Release date
8 Airplane
 (ひこうき Hikōki?)
March 9, 2016
Lost Girls - Chapter 8 CoverWhile Eren recovers at home, Dr. Yeager takes Mikasa back to her home. On the boat, he tells her that his friend in the Garrison will look into the incident. He expresses worry for his son and believes Mikasa may be able to change Eren's mind. During later visits to the Ackerman family home, Eren is absent due to his injuries. Mikasa writes a letter to Eren and gives it to his father, so he can receive it.

When winter comes, Dr. Yeager reveals that Mikasa's mother has pregnancy toxemia and must move to Shiganshina so that immediate care can be given. Mikasa wants to see Eren again, but his mother says he is busy with Armin. Dr. Yeager receives information from his friend Hannes about Eren's attackers. He sits with Mikasa and reveals that the two men who attacked Eren were killed in a carriage accident. He says the men got what they deserved, and later Mikasa sees images of her parents being attacked in her mind.

Eren reunites with Mikasa, having recovered from his injuries. He tells her that the Survey Corps has been disbanded and the gates to the Walls have been sealed, and that he and Armin plan to fly over the Walls in an airplane left by Armin's parents. Mikasa worries for Eren's safety, but promises to keep his plan a secret. Before he leaves to fly with Armin, Eren gives Mikasa his scarf and a caged butterfly, and Mikasa asks him not to die.

Cover Number Title Release date
9 Mirror Man
 (鏡男 Kagami otoko?)
April 9, 2016
Lost Girls - Chapter 9 CoverWhile there is a festival outside celebrating the sealing of the Walls, Mikasa realizes that she can not remember what Eren looks like, and rushes out the door in hopes of seeing his face one more time. As Mikasa runs through the crowd of people outside she gets shoved and pushed to the ground.

Mikasa is grabbed off the floor by a masked man calling himself Mirror Man, who urges onlookers to watch him turn Mikasa into a murderer. The man tells her that she must kill him if she wants to see Eren again. Mikasa hesitates but proceeds to stab the man with a knife he gave her. The Mirror Man reveals to the festival goers that he was not truly stabbed, but he still succeeded in turning a little girl into a killer.

The Mirror Man lets Mikasa go, and she starts to regret not stopping Eren from leaving. She walks back to Eren's house and looks in the window to find Dr. Yeager, Carla, her parents, and her newly-born baby brother. Armin arrives out of breath and informs Mikasa that the plane had crashed into the wall, killing Eren. Mikasa finally awakes from her dream and encounters two Titans. As she readies herself to fight one of Titans, the other Titan behind her punches the first Titan.

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