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Lou (ルー ?) is a criminal living in Stohess District.


Lou is a dirty man with unkempt hair, a patchy goatee, and ill-fitting clothes.


Lou is an aggressive and uncivilized person.


Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part One

Several days before the Scout Regiment's 57th expedition beyond the Walls, Lou and Wald are hired by Elliot G. Stratmann to find his missing daughter, Carly Stratmann. While looking for Carly they find her lover, Kemper Boltz, who tells them about Carly's whereabouts and her involvement in the trade of an illegal drug known as coderoin. He offers them a job to help him blackmail Elliot in exchange for money. They accept and lock Carly up at Wald's office located at No. 197 Van Gelder Street. They set the handoff date for a few days after.

When Lou finds out a Military Police officer is investigating Carly's disappearance, Wald sends him to stake out Kemper's apartment and wait for the officer. Lou later finds Kemper's corpse and informs Wald. A while later they see the officer arrive at Kemper's apartment. They pay her carriage driver to let them take the carriage and wait inside the carriage to ambush her.[1]

Wall Sina, Goodbye: Part Two

Lou threatens the officer

As Annie enters the carriage Lou grabs her and pulls her in, while Wald holds her up at knifepoint. As the carriage driver starts bringing them to a different location, Lou takes a ring from her. She then recognizes him as one of the patrons at Pit Lidors but he denies it. Lou gets mad at her and points a gun to her head; Wald stops him and tells him to stop being uncivilized.

Wald starts to explain to Annie about what they are going to do to her and asks her a couple of questions. Wald tells her that they did not kill Kemper. Lou takes out a bottle of alcohol, but Wald tells him to put it away while they are working.

After they tell the officer they will dispose of her in a vat of waste, Annie pleads to them to return her ring before they throw her in the waste. Lou refuses to do so but Wald demands Lou to hand it over to him. After Lou hands the ring over, Wald finds a hidden blade in the ring. As Wald returns the ring to Lou, the officer elbows him. Enraged, Lou stabs her with the ring, causing an explosion in the carriage. After he regains consciousness, Lou picks up his gun and shoots the officer in the back.

Lou shoots Wald

Lou kicks the officer on the ground and asks her if she hid a bomb in the carriage. He picks up the ring from the officer's hand. Wald tells Lou that to help him stand up because his legs are injured but Lou instead points a gun at him.

Wald suspects Lou of killing Kemper, but Lou neither confirms nor denies it. Lou tells Wald that he is way past his prime and shoots him before walking away.

Lou is threatened by the officer

Lou returns to Wald's office, but is pursued by Annie. As she starts to beat up the rest of the thugs, Lou attempts to shoot the officer, is blinded by a bottle she throws, temporarily blocking Lou's vision. The officer then gets behind him and kicks him to the ground. She takes Lou's gun and shoves it in his mouth, threatening him to not tell anyone he saw her there. Lou passes out from fear and Annie takes her ring back.[2]

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