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Quote1 You threw a Titan to the ground. With nothing but human strength. I saw that, and can't save anyone without power. Quote2
— Louise tells Mikasa Ackerman of how she inspired her[2]

Louise (ルイーゼ Ruīze?)[3] is a member of the Yeagerists. Once a young girl who was in Trost with her mother when the Titans invaded, she later joins the military and participates in the Raid on Liberio as a Survey Corps recruit (新兵 Shinpei?).[4][3] She defects from the Corps to join Eren Yeager's cause.


Louise has shoulder-length dirty blonde hair which she keeps parted down the middle. When she was younger, her outfit consisted of a jacket which she wore over a dark shirt and skirt. Her current civilian clothes consist of a simple light long-sleeve shirt and a long skirt. When on duty, she can be seen wearing the standard Survey Corps uniform.


Louise believes that strength is the most important attribute one can have in the world, to the point that she almost seems to have a "might equals right" mentality. Much of this mindset stems from her experiences during the Battle of Trost District, where she claims to have learned from watching Mikasa Ackerman fight in the face of adversity to achieve victory. She believes that the ends justify the means, and has no qualms about breaking rules if she believes that disobeying others will get her what she wants. Like her fellow Yeagerists, Louise believes that Eren is the sole hope for Paradis' survival and expresses disappointment that she will not be able to personally see the "free world" he will create due to her injuries. She tells Mikasa that she has no regrets and that she was gladly able to dedicate her heart to the cause.


Battle of Trost District arc

Mikasa salutes Louise

Louise is inspired by Mikasa's devotion

Louise is among the many citizens who are trapped inside the city because Dimo Reeves, a merchant and the head of the Reeves Company, was barring the gate with his cargo. Louise's mother assures her that her father will kill the Titans with cannons, but Louise spots an Abnormal Titan charging towards them. The Titan is quickly slain by Mikasa Ackerman. Mikasa gets Reeves to move his cart through use of threats and Louise and her mother express their gratitude towards Mikasa before she leaves to rejoin the battle. Mikasa salutes them and Louise, ecstatic, salutes back.[5] The experience inspires Louise to enter the military as well, joining the Survey Corps in order to get closer to Mikasa.[6]

Marley arc

The Survey Corps versus Marley's Warriors

Louise faces the Warriors

In the year 854, Louise is one of the Survey Corps members who participate in the infiltration and attack in Liberio.[7] Amid the conflict, Louise watches Eren unsuccessfully attempt to devour the War Hammer Titan and later takes cover from the Beast Titan's projectiles.[8] She tries to assist Jean in killing the Cart Titan's operator, but is forced to flee by Theo Magath and other Marleyan soldiers.[9][10] As the airship arrives, she joins the rest of the Survey Corps in retreating along its path.[11]

Jean is distraught by Sasha's shooting

Louise tries to save Sasha's life

As the Survey Corps makes its retreat from Liberio, Louise and the surviving soldiers celebrate their overwhelming victory against Marley. As they are celebrating, two children board the Corps' airship and open fire, gravely injuring Sasha Blouse. While the rest of the soldiers begin to savagely beat the children, Louise tries to help stabilize Sasha and keep her alive, to no avail.[12]

War for Paradis arc

When the Corps returns to Paradis, Eren is arrested for acting against orders. Unhappy with Eren's treatment, Louise is among a handful of soldiers who leak the information of Eren's arrest to the public to try to force the military to release Eren. After they are found out, Hange Zoë arrests Louise and her compatriots as well.[13]

Louise salutes Mikasa

Louise salutes Mikasa

Mikasa takes Louise to the cell she will be staying in, and Louise is disappointed to learn she will not be staying in the same cell that Mikasa was imprisoned in. Louise tells Mikasa that she does not regret spilling the secrets of Eren's arrest to the press, explaining that she has believed ever since Trost that one must be ready to fight when threatened. Louise tries to appeal to Mikasa to help free Eren, but Mikasa coldly cuts her off. As Mikasa leaves, Louise salutes her.[14]

The rebels are freed from their cells by guards who have also sided with Eren, and rendezvous with Eren himself outside of the city. Eren declares that his next objective will be to locate Zeke Yeager.[15]

Mikasa leaves behind her scarf

Louise watches Mikasa leave her scarf behind

Louise later appears along with a number of armed Yeargerists at a restaurant. They attempt to obtain information as to the whereabouts of Zeke Yeager from the Survey Corps Commander. Afterward, the group departs to the Shiganshina District alongside their captives including several officers of the Survey Corps.[16]

When Marley's forces launch a retaliatory attack against Shiganshina, the Yeagerists are forced to release their imprisoned soldiers so that they will have extra manpower. Louise visits Mikasa to let her know that she is happy to be fighting alongside her again, although Mikasa is unconcerned.[17] Noticing that Mikasa has left her scarf, Louise decides to wear it herself.[18]

Louise is among the Yeagerists Jean Kirstein leads in a defense around the military's headquarters against Zeke's newly-transformed Titan horde.[19] During the fighting, a shard from a Thunder Spear is embedded in Louise's stomach, severely wounding her.

Mikasa finds Louise in the infirmary

Louise talks to Mikasa

While she is in the hospital, Louise is visited by Mikasa. Louise laments that she will not be able to see the fruition of Eren's plan and mentions that she got to speak to him once about Mikasa. She claims that Eren told her to throw Mikasa's scarf away and that she instead chose to wear it herself, prompting Mikasa to demand she gives it back. As Mikasa leaves, Louise claims she has no regrets in life and she lived, devoting her heart.[20]


  • Mikasa Ackerman - After Mikasa saved a young Louise and her mother during the Battle of Trost, Mikasa left an indelible impression on the girl. After this, Louise began idolizing Mikasa, which ultimately became her primary reason for joining the Survey Corps. Years later, Mikasa reunites with Louise but is slightly put off by her constant idolization and also disapproves of how she has decided to follow Eren and the Yeagerists. Nevertheless, Louise continues to look up to Mikasa for strength and leadership, wanting to get closer to her. When Mikasa came to a hospital for her scarf where an injured Louise was in, the latter revealed her motivation of how Mikasa inspired her to join the Survey Corps and devote her heart. However, Mikasa demands her scarf back and silently leaves, remaining indifferent to Louise's integrity.
  • Eren Yeager - Although she does not appear to be as devoted to Eren as some of the other rebels, Louise still believes that Eren will be the one who will save Paradis and is willing to follow him instead of the military. She believes in Eren's strength enough that she is willing to endanger herself by going against the military.

People killed

  • Three members of the Panzer Unit[21]

Failed attempts