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Quote1.png This can't be happening. There's no way that my first love letter was from...A Titan...That can't be...That can't be...! Quote2.png
— Jean upon realizing the identity of his secret admirer

Love Letter! Titan Junior High School (対決 !巨人中学校 Taiketsu! Kyojin Chūgakkō?) is the 6th episode of the 1st season and the 6th episode overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High anime, produced by Production I.G.


Jean finds a love letter in his locker and begins to fantasize about who it might be from. Annie approaches him in class, and a similar letter falls from her pocket, but she runs away before he can ask her about it. Later, they find her putting the letter in his locker; when Jean opens it, he finds a message asking him to meet at the park, and runs off. Annie then arrives at the park, and reveals that the letter was not from her, but from a Titan who fell in love with Jean after he gave her food as a distraction while he and Marco fled. Much to his classmates' horror, Jean refuses to accept reality, instead, convincing himself that the Titan is a normal girl. He soon comes to his senses, however, and rejects her; she smashes him into the ground and runs away, vowing not to give up. Sasha tries to console him by pretending that two pieces of food are girls who want to date him, and he retreats into fantasy. The others go home, leaving Marco to wait for Jean to come to his senses.


Jean finds a love letter

Jean and Marco walk together in the hallway and encounter Sasha and Conny, the latter just telling Sasha about a restaurant which causes Sasha to drool. Jean and Marco then meet Hanna and Franz hugging. They pull apart from each other as they sheepishly insist that they are not dating when Jean and Marco approach them. Eren and Mikasa walk past them and Eren remarks that Mikasa's hair is growing too long. Mikasa complies with his suggestion, but Jean stops their conversation by grabbing onto Eren's shirt and makes a nasty retort. As Eren is about to respond, Mikasa stops their bickering immediately by picking Eren up and walking away in silence. After the commotion, Marco attempts calming Jean down. As Jean opens his locker, he complains that none of the girls appreciate him, and to his surprise, he finds a love letter. He reads it desperately and screams in triumph.

The group sees Jean's new look

Armin and Sasha have a conversation regarding Sasha's visit to the restaurant. Eren arrives to class with disheveled hair and the two of them are shocked. Jean sarcastically compliments Eren's hair, and walks in class with new swept-up hair that the students find revolting. Jean reveals to them why he looks different, proudly showing his love letter from the day before. The students are in disbelief because it is written anonymously, and Jean defends himself by saying that the sender is simply shy. Jean storms off in a fit, and unlike everyone else, Marco compliments his hair.

Jean in a fantasy harem

Jean considers the possibility of one of his classmates being the sender. He fantasizes about having a harem and daydreams excessively to the point where he gets a nosebleed, causing a disturbance within the classroom. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin approach him out of concern. Jean pictures Mikasa as his girlfriend, but Annie interrupts her. Mikasa and Annie coldly make rude remarks about each other and this feeds Jean's ego. He interferes with their discussion, and Annie kicks him down. A love letter drifts out of her pocket, to Annie's dismay, and lands in front of Jean. He recognizes it, but before Jean can take it, Annie takes it and runs away.

When school is over, the classmates walk together in a group to their shoe lockers. Marco tries to admit to Jean that he is not that popular with girls as he thinks he is. Eren notices Annie slipping in another note in Jean's locker, and she retreats again. Jean makes his way to his shoe locker and hastily opens the love letter. It advises Jean to meet at the Attack Park, and Jean is motivated. He promptly leaves to rendezvous with his secret admirer. To the students' confusion, Annie is still at school and she asks for advice about love letters.

Annie let out a scream to call her Titan friend, scaring the group

Jean waits at Attack Park for his secret admirer, and Annie eventually arrives. He jumps to conclusions that Annie has a crush on him, which irks Annie. Jean is convinced that Annie is trying to kiss him when she walks over, but instead flips him upside-down. Annie confesses that before she meant to tell Jean the truth that her friend sent the love letters instead, Annie says that she wanted to wait for Jean's reaction. On that note, Annie calls out her friend, the Peering Titan. Annie states that it is her Titan friend who has feelings for Jean. In an almost condescending way, Annie demands that Jean should go out with her friend, seeing as Jean has a history of feeding said Titan his omelet. Jean snaps, unable to face the reality that his first admirer is a Titan. He rejects her and she cries and buries him into the ground, then leaves, promising to not give up. Sasha tries to comfort Jean by giving him two fake girlfriends: a curry bun and a daikon radish. Jean ends up in a deranged fantasy, and the group leaves first. Marco proclaims to wait for Jean until he reverts back to normal.

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  • The Titan that fancies Jean is Comrade D, which in the main anime eats Mina, and is later killed by Mikasa.
  • Annie calls out to the Titan as she does in Episode 20, when she is captured in the forest.