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Quote1.png First I'll tell Annie that there's a guy who keeps staring at her when she isn't looking. Quote2.png
— Ymir tries getting Bertolt to invite Annie

Love is Fireworks in the Distant Past or Something Like That (恋は遠い日の花火とかなんとか Koi wa Tōi Hi no Hanabi Toka Nantoka?) is the 3rd chapter of the 3rd volume and the 19th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


A summer festival is announced at the school and Reiner asks Krista out to the event. She agrees and insists that Ymir go with them too. When Reiner and Bertolt hear that Ymir will be with Krista, Bertolt has to find another date. When Ymir mentions he ask Annie, Bertolt becomes nervous and is hesitant to, but is able to do it later on.


Ymir tells Bertolt to invite Annie

As the students from Class 4 reflect on what happened during the overnight trip, Eren muses over how he was not able to get Mr. Smith to quit. As he remarks the club will now be less exciting than before, his classmates remark they should be the ones saying that due to how similar Eren and Mr. Smith are about Titans.

A summer festival is announced at the school. Reiner reveals to Bertolt that he is planning on inviting Krista and Bertolt should come along too as a precaution. When asked, Krista says yes but insists that Ymir go with them as well; Reiner agrees, remarking that Bertolt could escort Ymir. The latter coldly remarks she will be escorting Krista along with Reiner, and Bertolt will have to find another girl. Later on, Ymir confronts Bertolt and reveals she believes Bertolt likes Annie. He becomes flustered and tries to deny it, but Ymir orders Bertolt to ask her out or she will tell Annie about his crush on her; Bertolt nervously agrees to.

Bertolt realizes Annie is looking at Eren

Bertolt asks Annie about the summer festival

Ymir feels sorry for Bertolt

After class that day, Annie goes to Bertolt and asks what he wanted to ask her about. He begins to side-step around the question and eventually reveals he is going to the summer festival with Reiner, Krista, and Ymir, and was curious if Annie was planning on going with him. As Bertolt goes on, he notices Annie's attention is elsewhere; noticing that she is looking down where Eren is, Bertolt sheepishly remarks that he would not mind if Annie brought someone with her. Annie thinks it over and agrees to go. Ymir, who was spying from a distance away, smirks and remarks she almost feels sorry for Bertolt.

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