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Mai (マイ Mai?) was a high-ranked member of the Dissidence Movement.


Mai had light-colored short and spiky hair that was swept up. She wore a small black band on her forehead. Mai also wore a white button-up dress underneath her black tank top. She was armed with a crossbow.


Mai was depicted as the capable second in command of the Dissidence Movement, directly under August. She was a strong woman, as seen when she was able to help support Juli on her own. She also was an excellent marksman when using her crossbow.

Despite her desire to take part in the revolution and see change, Mai was not heartless and showed compassion towards others. She would often take the high road and was against taking unnecessary hostages. She also would serve as the voice of reason when August would start to question himself.


This woman's ancestors lived outside the Walls and were forced to relocate when the Walls were built, settling in the area within Wall Rose near the Industrial City.[1] Since the land did not bear much harvest, they were constantly close to starvation and turned to hunting. Eventually, officials from the Royal Government arrived to the impoverished village and informed the residents that they would now have to pay taxes.[2] Two years later, the villagers were on the verge of starvation until one person decided to rise up and fight against the system. This desire to give the wealth and resources led her to join the growing Dissidence Movement within the Industrial City; eventually, the woman rose up the ranks to become one of the primary figureheads within the movement. To hide her identity, she took the name "Mai".[3]


Dissidence Movement arc

Eventually, Mai becomes the unofficial second in command of the movement, second only to August. She is part of a meeting held just prior to a planned rebellion within the Industrial City. After meeting Xavi, a potential new recruit brought by fellow resistance member Matteus, Mai goes over with Juli and Matteus the weapons taken for the planned revolution and proudly states they were able to get two bombs. She goes and informs the other members that the uprising will take place in two days.[4]

Mai bonds with Sharle

Mai tells Sharle her reasons for joining the Dissidence Movement

The day of the revolution, Mai is tasked with a group of fighters to secure the workshop of craftsman Xenophon Harkimo. She sends the troops to herd the workers inside the shop and spots a young woman rushing to wake the workers to fight a nearby fire. She grabs her from behind and tells her to be quiet; Mai tells the woman she is looking for Xenophon.[5] After learning his location, August soon arrives with reinforcements and regroups with Mai. Mai stands by while August and Xenophon discuss the revolution.[6] When he ultimately refuses, Mai is alarmed when August orders his men to aim their weapons at the workers and tells him to stop. When Sharle agrees to go with them, Mai is reminded of a woman about Sharle's age that she took care of and stays close to her.[7] She tells Sharle her history and why they are committed to August's cause. As they approach the headquarters of the Military Police, a young man suddenly jumps down and attacks some of the resistance members. Mai shoots him in the leg with her crossbow and is ordered to take Sharle and Xenophon away.[8] August orders several times for the man to be shot, but Mai protests they should take him alive; however, she takes a kicking and screaming Sharle away.

Mai gets shot by an MP

Mai is shot through the neck and killed

As they rest at the MP headquarters, Mai asks Sharle if she knew the man from before; Sharle's angry glare tells her that she did.[9] Mai worries about the welfare of the Dissidence members left behind when they hear a gunshot from behind the building. August has her go investigate where she finds a gravely wounded Juli.[10] Juli tells her that the forces sent there were annihilated by the Military Police but then is decapitated. Mai shoots the MP in the neck in retaliation as well as the others in the squad. She rushes back to August and tells him that Marz, Juli and the forces sent the previous night were all killed. As August starts to break down, Mai tells him to snap out of it and save the remaining survivors.[11] They retreat back to the workshop and August starts berating Mai for ordering him around; she is alarmed when August takes Sharle as a hostage to negotiate his safety.[12] She grabs August's arm and begs for him not to make Sharle suffer anymore; she is taken back when August places the blame for the failed revolution on her and the villagers.[13] After Mai disarms August after the latter shoots a member of the resistance, she is shot through the neck and tumbles down the stairs to her death.[14]


  • August - As the second in command of the Dissidence Movement, Mai and August held each other in high esteem and showed each other a great deal of respect and trust. However, she was not afraid to talk back to August whenever he would start doubting himself.
  • Sharle Inocencio - Despite only knowing Sharle for a few hours, Mai was able to bond with the young woman and would try and look out for her. She ultimately would save Sharle from death, at the cost of her own life.


  • It is noted by Xavi Inocencio that the leading members of the Dissidence Movement have code names relating to months of the year, with Mai's code name being based on the month of May.