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Makō Messer is a soldier appearing in Bahamut, the ninth story of the Attack on Titan Anthology.


Makō has small dark eyes, brown hair, a mustache and a goatee. He wears the Survey Corps uniform with a red scarf.


Makō appears to be a strict and blunt man. Although he saved Bertolt Weill from Sophie's attack, he decided to arrest him and was willing to kill him because he has been sentenced to death.[1]


Along with his squad, Makō battles a horde of Titans, leading the attack. After that, he calls his subordinates to check everyone is alive. As they head back to town at night, they come across Bertolt Weill with a Titan. They attack the Titan and Makō asks Bertolt what is he doing here. Bertolt pretends to be kidnapped and the Titan, furious, tries to attack him but Makō slices its arm. The Titan runs away but he decides not to go after it and to arrest Bertolt for treason.[2]

The day Bertolt has to be executed, Makō escorts him where he is supposed to be hung. They are interrupted by Titans coming in the city. Sensing Bertolt may escape, Makō rushes to kill him but the Titan he had previously encountered takes Bertolt away, which upsets him.[3]