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Mammon (マンモン Manmon?) was a 10m Titan that was let into Shiganshina District by the Titan Cult. The citizens of Shiganshina considered it the "embodiment of greed" and named it "Mammon" to reflect that.[1]


Mammon stood at 10m tall with an obese body. Its head was devoid of hair, and its face was fixed in a grotesque grin said to crudely resemble an infant's smile.


The Titan's Son arc

When the Titan Cult opens the gates of Wall Maria, Mammon enters Shiganshina District and proceeds to devour its citizens, including Elena and other various members of the Titan Cult.[2] At some point, Mammon leaves a pile of its vomit in the district, which would later be found by Carlo Pikale and Sorum Humé.[3] Its rampage goes unhindered in the district until Angel Aaltonen, using his first prototype of his new device, lures Mammon out of Shiganshina long enough for the Garrison to close the outer gate once more.[4]

Sometime later, when the Survey Corps embarks on an expedition beyond Wall Maria, Mammon attacks the Corps along with several other Titans, killing many soldiers.

Mammon dies

Mammon is engulfed by an explosion that kills it

As the Corps retreats, Mammon pursues the survivors along with other Titans. When Sorum Humé attacks Mammon to buy the Corps time, he is grievously injured. Using an explosive brought by Angel, who was accompanying the Corps on the expedition, he allows himself to be caught by the Titan. He sets off the explosive as he makes his way to Mammon's neck, attempting to decapitate the Titan, and both are caught in the explosion.[5] Mammon's nape is destroyed in the explosion along with Sorum, and as Angel and Commander Jorge Pikale ride towards the scene, they find that Mammon's body has completely vanished. They later conclude that Mammon had been defeated, the first Titan to be killed by the Survey Corps.[6]

People killed

Failed attempts