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Quote1.png Sorry Reiner...You see... You weren't supposed to be chosen as a Warrior in the first place... But... I influenced the the army's decision by putting you on a pedestal and making my little brother look bad... I wanted to protect my brother. I'm sorry... Reiner. Quote2.png
— Marcel's dedication to his little brother.[4]

Marcel Galliard (マルセル・ガリアード Maruseru Gariādo?) was the older brother of Porco Galliard, comrade and childhood friend of Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, Annie Leonhart and Pieck Finger. He was part of the group of Warriors sent by Marley to attack the Eldians of Paradis Island in year 845, but his mission was cut short by the sudden appearance of Ymir, as a Pure Titan. He possessed the ability to transform into the Jaw Titan.


Human form

Marcel had short dark hair swept back and an upturned nose. On the mission to breach Wall Maria, he dressed in a long jacket with a backpack likely filled with supplies for the long journey away from their hometown.

Jaw Titan form

His Titan form was shown to be similar to his brother's, as both were shown to have long hair, a thick black beard at its chin, sunken eyes, a small, agile body, However, unlike Porco, his Titan was shown to have long black hair, and visible sharp teeth with no visible lips.


Marcel was described by his brother as a strong and reliable person.[5] He also demonstrated his friendly personality through his interactions with his fellow Warriors, particularly Reiner, always giving them encouragement. He also appeared to be selfless, sacrificing his life to save his friend Reiner from being eaten by a Titan.[6][7] He greatly cared for his fellow Warriors and his brother, so much that he attempted to protect Porco from inheriting the Armored Titan.[4] Unlike the other Warriors who saw inheriting one of the Nine Titans as a symbol of pride, Marcel saw it as a tragic fate, and ultimately unsuccessfully tried to stop his brother from succumbing to the same fate.[8]


Marcel intervened in a conflict between Reiner and Porco

Marcel Galliard was an Eldian born in Marley. At some point in his youth, his parents sent him and his brother Porco into training to become Warriors for Marley. Marcel excelled during his training, notably in tests of strength and endurance,[9] and eventually he stood among the seven remaining Warrior candidates, all potential candidates for inheriting the power of the Titans.[10] At this time, tension began to grow between his brother Porco and fellow candidate Reiner Braun, who had become a subject of ridicule from Porco for his lackluster performance as a Warrior. Despite his love for his brother, Marcel made attempts to ease the conflict between the two.[11][12]

Marcel utilized the Jaw Titan

When the time came for the Warrior candidates to receive their Titans, Marcel began to worry for his brother's life. In order to keep Porco alive, Marcel managed to elevate Reiner's reputation in the eyes of their Marleyan superiors while diminishing Porco's reputation.[4] Through his intervention, Porco was not chosen to inherit a Titan, and instead Reiner Braun was given the power of the Armored Titan in the year 843. At this time, Marcel was chosen to inherit the power of the Jaw Titan.[13]

The six Warriors granted Titan powers were soon sent to war as a test of their abilities. Much to Marley's delight, the power of the Titans proved to be a devastating weapon even in the hands of young children. With their concerns alleviated, Marley officially began the Paradis Island Operation, a mission to send the Warriors to Paradis Island in order to take the Founding Titan from the King of the Walls. Marcel was chosen for this operation, along with Reiner, Bertolt Hoover, and Annie Leonhart.[14]

In the year 845, the four Warriors were sent across the sea to the borderline of Paradis Island. There, they were given their final mission orders from Commander Magath, who wished for their success and safe return.[15]


Prologue arc

Ymir devoured Marcel

After traveling through the night, the Warriors camp until sunrise. At this time, Marcel reveals to Reiner that he was not meant to inherit the power of the Titans, and he apologizes for putting his brother's life over Reiner's. Unfortunately, before the matter can be discussed further, a Titan rises up out of the ground and attacks Reiner. In a moment of sacrifice, Marcel pushes Reiner out of harm's way and is caught instead. The other Warriors flee as Marcel is eaten alive.[16]


Clash of the Titans arc

During Reiner's days as a trainee, Reiner would oftentimes emulate Marcel's kind and friendly personality as part of his 'soldier' persona.[17]

When a group of Titans were attacking a tower in Utgard Castle, a near-death experience causes Reiner to remember Marcel's death.[18] The following morning, with no weapons and their superiors all dead, Ymir transforms into a Titan to save them. Reiner and Bertolt immediately recognize her as the Titan which ate Marcel.[19]

Later, in a forest, Bertolt expresses concern over whether they can trust Ymir and reminds Reiner of Marcel's death at her hands.[20] He later questions Ymir about it, and she states that she does not remember doing it.[21]

After they escape to the Shiganshina District, Ymir expresses her gratitude towards Reiner and Bertolt for their role in freeing her from her Titan form. She agrees to return to their hometown with them as payment for what she took.[22]

Marley arc

Reiner remembers Marcel and his fellow Warriors

The Jaw Titan is passed to Porco,[23] unaware of Marcel's wish for him not to inherit it.[4] Much to his displeasure, Porco is only able to access Ymir's memories and not his brother's. To his irritation and anger, Porco realizes that Reiner had been incorporating Marcel's personality and traits as his own on Paradis.[23]

In the year 854, Reiner is reminded of Marcel and his fellow former candidates by the Warriors' new candidates.[24]

War for Paradis arc

While trying to awake an unconscious Porco to make him join the battle again, Reiner accidently triggers the memory of Marcel revealing his plan to keep his brother from inheriting a Titan in order to have a chance at a long life.[25]

Marcel is one of the many Titan inheritors whose Titan is created by Ymir Fritz to defend Eren Yeager while he is attempting to Rumble the world.[26] In the middle of the fighting Marcel and a handful of other inheritors are reawakened in the Path world by Zeke. Zeke asks Marcel and the other inheritors to lend their strength to him and his allies.

Taking control of his Titan, Marcel helps fends off the myriad Titans which are attempting to defend Eren. Marcel and Porco work together to save the lives of Jean Kirstein and Pieck and continue fighting until Eren's nape is destroyed.[27]


As an Eldian Warrior, Marcel had undergone advanced military training in order to prepare him to use the Titan power. He was in good shape and was particularly quick witted, and his overall abilities were strong enough to make him an Eldian Warrior.

Power of the Titans

Marcel had the ability to transform into a 5 meter Titan known as the Jaw Titan (顎の巨人 Agito no Kyojin).

  • Jaw: As the Jaw Titan's most prominent feature, Marcel's Titan form possessed a great biting force, which was strong enough to crush cannons.
  • Speed: Due to its small size, Marcel's Jaw Titan had a high level of speed and agility.
  • Regeneration: Just like all others with the power of the Titans, Marcel had the ability to regenerate any injuries he may suffer.


  • Porco Galliard - Perhaps Marcel's closest relationship was with his brother. Porco, who often treats people condescendingly, fondly remembers Marcel as a dependable person and holds a grudge against Reiner for his brother's sacrifice.[28] Porco also greatly admired Marcel for inheriting one of the Nine Titans and hoped to inherit one as well. Unbeknownst to Porco, Marcel attempted to save his life via having Reiner inherit the Armored Titan instead.[29] Marcel's attempt would ultimately be unsuccessful, however, for Porco would inherit the same Titan powers his brother had from Ymir in the year 850.
  • Reiner Braun - Marcel was shown to care for Reiner, attempting to stop a fight between him and Porco which the latter instigated and apologized to Reiner for Porco's behavior. In the year 845, Marcel apologized to Reiner for inheriting the Armored Titan, for Marcel recommended Reiner to inherit it in order to save Porco.[29] As a Titan appeared, Marcel pushed Reiner out of the way and ended up getting devoured himself. Reiner would be haunted by Marcel's sacrifice, often wishing that he was the one who was killed that day instead. Due to Marcel's actions towards trying to prevent his brother from gaining the power of the Titans, Reiner himself is trying to save his own cousin, Gabi, from inheriting his Titan power and following his tragic fate.[30]

People killed


  • Marcel ranked forty-second in the Third Character Popularity Poll.
  • In the original version of Chapter 47, he was referred to by the name "Berwick" (ベリック Berikku?).[1] However, in Volume 12, his name was changed to "Marcel."
  • His name, Marcel, is French in origin, meaning "Little Warrior." Considering the group he belonged to refer to themselves as "Warriors," it is no coincidence. His surname resembles the French word "gaillard," meaning "brave, cheerful, spirited."
    • His original name, Berwick, is English in origin, meaning "Grain Farm." This contrasts with his companions' names and incidentally represent the three basic levels of society—Rulers/Land Owners (Bertolt), Soldiers/Warriors (Reiner), and Farmers (Berwick).


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