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Marco Bodt (マルコ・ボット Maruko Botto?) is a Cadet Corps cadet.


Marco has black hair with bangs cleanly parted from his forehead. He also has patches of freckles on his cheeks.


Marco is persistently kind and patient around everyone, and he is overall very trustworthy. He is always described as a "goodie-two-shoes" by Jean Kirschtein who is strangely his best friend as they have the opposite personalities.


Marco's first major role is in "Day 18". While the cadets are training out in the forest during a harsh rain, Jean wanted to use a shortcut but took the wrong path and got lost instead.

When the cadets reached their base, Armin noticed that Jean and Marco are both absent to which Eren remarked that were being lazy. Mikasa, however defended how Marco would be the last person to slack off.

Back at the forest, Marco waited for Jean under the tree while it was still raining. Jean was flattered commented on how too much of a nice guy Marco is, who even offered his own gear so he could save himself. Jean carried Marco under one arm until they found the search party looking for them.


  • Jean Kirschtein - Against all the odds, Marco is best friends with Jean. His friendly personality makes it so that he can get along with any type of person.