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This article is about the eighth arc of the Attack on Titan manga. For the anime arc, see Marley arc (Anime).

Marley arc (マーレ編  Māre-hen?)[1] is the eighth story arc of the Attack on Titan manga.


Across the sea, the nation of Marley finishes its fight with the Mid-East Allied Forces using the power of the Titans. However, it becomes all too clear to the Marleyan military that the power of the Titans is losing its place in the modern age. In order to maintain its hold on the world, the power of the Founding Titan is needed now more than ever. Unfortunately for the Warriors, the Founder still rests in the hands of Eren Yeager and the last remnants of Eldia, the devils of Paradis Island whom Reiner Braun will soon have to confront once more.


Cover Number Title Release date
91 The Other Side of the Ocean
 (海の向こう側 Umi no Mukougawa?)
March 9, 2017
Chapter 91 Cover.pngFour years after the battle of Shiganshina District, the Warriors of Marley besiege Fort Slava of the Mid-East Allied Forces. Falco Grice, a Warrior candidate, is saved by his brother Colt Grice who returns him to the trenches nearby. As his comrades patch Falco up and remind him of their goal in the battle, Colt reports the situation to Marleyan Commander Theo Magath. He suggests sending their Titans Porco Galliard and Pieck Finger to attack, but the presence of the anti-Titan artillery prevents this strategy.

Warrior candidate Gabi Braun offers to destroy the armored train carrying the artillery, and the commander reluctantly agrees. Gabi approaches the bunker in plainclothes while secretly carrying a bundle of grenades. When the train approaches, she collapses to the ground and throws the bombs on the tracks, putting the weapon out of commission. As she returns to the trenches, Galliard transforms into his Titan and shields the Warrior candidates from machine gun fire before charging towards the bunkers and wiping out the Allies' defenses.

Cover Number Title Release date
92 Marley's Soldiers
 (マーレの戦士 Māre no Senshi?)
April 8, 2017
Chapter 92 Cover.pngAbove Fort Slava, Marley prepares an airstrike as Porco Galliard's Jaw Titan and Pieck Finger's Cart Titan lead the 800-Warrior Unit in a charge against the Mid-East Allied Forces. Falco Grice attempts to save an Allied soldier's life, but the soldier is ungrateful and disgusted towards the Eldians. As Commander Theo Magath and Colt Grice survey the situation, the signal is given for the Marley airship to begin the next phase of the attack. From above, Zeke Yeager transforms parachuting Eldian captives into Titans with his Titan power, creating a devastating airstrike. The Warrior candidates look on as Titans begin eating the soldiers.

Reiner Braun joins the battle as the Armored Titan, destroying the remaining anti-Titan artillery as Galliard assists. Once the coast is clear, Zeke joins the ground forces as the Beast Titan uses leftover artillery in the fortress to destroy the Mid-East naval fleet stationed in the nearby bay. The fleet is destroyed, but artillery fire from the ships heavily damages the Armored Titan. A peace treaty between Marley and the Mid-East is later signed, but the outcome of the battle reminded Marley of the growing need to acquire the Founding Titan.

Cover Number Title Release date
93 Midnight Train
 (闇夜の列車 Yamiyo no Ressha?)
May 9, 2017
Chapter 93 Cover.pngAfter the surrender of the Mid-East Allied Forces, an outraged general demands answers concerning the world's slander against Marley's Titans. Theo Magath explains that the modern age is leaving the power of the Titans obsolete, and Marley's inferior technology leaves them at a disadvantage. Zeke Yeager proposes that Marley must acquire the Founding Titan as soon as possible to gain full mastery over the Titans while also focusing on improving conventional weaponry. The general takes Zeke's advice and the meeting concludes. Afterward, Colt Grice marvels at Zeke's influence in Marleyan matters and wonders at how Zeke is able to use his spinal fluid to create and control Titans despite not having royal blood. As Zeke suggests Colt will inherit a secret upon receiving Zeke's Beast Titan, Magath arrives to congratulate Zeke on his meeting conduct. He reveals to Zeke that in the past three years, many scouting ships sent to Paradis Island have gone missing. Zeke believes it may be the doing of Eren's Attack Titan and another Titan. Zeke warns that in any future conflicts with Paradis Island, Marley must watch out for anti-Titan weapons as well as the Ackerman clan.

Reiner Braun awakens from a nightmare elsewhere with Porco Galliard at his side. Galliard is cold towards him, feeling that Reiner was responsible for his brother Marcel Galliard's death. He says that when he inherited the Jaw Titan from Ymir, he could see her memories but not Marcel's. Pieck Finger arrives and tells Galliard to go easy on Reiner, whom she tells to meet with the Warrior candidates. Reiner leaves to meet the candidates on the dock, who are watching traumatized Allied soldiers get sent away as a reminder of the Eldians' demonic nature. The children are excited to see Reiner, who sees his old comrades in the faces of the candidates, and together they walk around the town. Afterward, the Marley soldiers take a train back to their homeland. Colt praises Gabi Braun for her heroic deeds during the battle at Fort Slava, and Falco Grice is bitter to see she will likely inherit the Armored Titan and die an early death. Reiner demands for Falco to correct his views on the power of the Titans, and Falco quickly apologizes. Reiner suggests that if Falco wants to save Gabi, he must work hard to surpass her and inherit the Armored Titan in her place.

Cover Number Title Release date
94 The Boy Inside the Walls
 (壁の中の少年 Kabe no Naka no Shōnen?)
June 9, 2017
Chapter 94 Cover.pngThe Warriors return at long last to their hometown, reuniting with their families. At the Braun family residence, Gabi Braun's heroism is praised and Reiner tells of the horrors he experienced living among the devils of the island.

Later that day, Reiner recalls his youth when he trained as a Warrior so that his Eldian mother and Marleyan father could live together. Faced with many struggles and shortcomings, Reiner's dream kept his resolve alive.

Cover Number Title Release date
95 Liar
 (嘘つき Usotsuki?)
July 7, 2017
Chapter 95 Cover.pngWhile Gabi Braun and the Warrior candidates train, Zeke Yeager and his fellow Titans discuss Eldia's situation, and Zeke informs them that the Tybur family will use their status order to boost Eldia's reputation in the eyes of the world when the time comes to attack Paradis Island once again.

Afterward, Reiner Braun recalls his final days in Warrior training when he, Bertolt Hoover, Annie Leonhart, and Marcel Galliard were sent to Paradis Island to reclaim the Founding Titan. On their journey, Reiner learned that Marcel set up Reiner to inherit the Armored Titan instead of his brother. Reiner's shock was worsened when shortly afterward, a Titan consumed Marcel.

Cover Number Title Release date
96 The Door of Hope
 (希望の扉 Kibō no Tobira?)
August 9, 2017
Chapter 96 Cover.pngThe Warriors lost hope for their mission after Marcel Galliard's death, but Reiner Braun's determination to live and succeed spurred his comrades on. Arriving at Wall Maria, the Warriors began their attack.

Two years later, Annie Leonhart emphasized their need to retrieve the Founding Titan urgently, but Reiner was convinced that a slow and steady approach would be best for humanity's sake. Planning to enter the Military Police Brigade to enter the interior, the Warriors joined the 104th Training Corps.

Cover Number Title Release date
97 From One Hand to Another
 (手から手へ Te kara Te e?)
September 8, 2017
Chapter 97 Cover.pngFollowing a close encounter between Annie Leonhart and an elusive MP, the Warriors decided to breach Wall Rose after their Training Corps graduation to make new progress. Recalling his past, Reiner Braun nearly takes his own life, but decides otherwise after remembering the importance of his role in the new Warrior candidates' lives. Falco Grice is worried that he will not inherit the Armor, but a wounded soldier named Mister Kruger assures him that it is best for him to live a long life.

After the unexpected arrival of the Tyburs,Theo Magath speaks with Willy Tybur, head of the Tybur family, and learns of the Tyburs' role as the true leaders of Marley. Worried about the fate of Marley and Eldia, Willy plans to reveal the truth to the world at the coming festival. Meanwhile, Falco delivers a letter from Mister Kruger.

Cover Number Title Release date
98 Good to See
 (よかったな Yokatta Na?)
October 7, 2017
Chapter 98 Cover.pngFollowing a military meeting one month after the war, the Warriors watch the candidates finish a training run, after which Falco Grice admits to Gabi Braun that he has been trying to outrank her for her sake. The candidates later visit the site of Willy Tybur's upcoming stage in Liberio, and nearby Tybur converses with Magath concerning the fate of Marley. In a nearby hospital, Kruger meets Grisha's father.

On the eve of the Liberio festival, Willy announces that he will reveal his plan to solve the Titan problem tomorrow night. The candidates enjoy the festival the next day, and before Willy's announcement Falco leads Reiner Braun aside to meet Kruger. Reiner recognizes Kruger as Eren Yeager in disguise, who says that he is glad to see Reiner has made it home.

Cover Number Title Release date
99 Guilty Shadow
 (疾しき影 Yamashiki Kage?)
November 9th, 2017
Chapter 99 Cover.pngReiner Braun is shocked by Eren Yeager's presence in Marley, and begins breaking down after Eren indirectly threatens the civilians watching the festival above. Falco Grice is instructed to stay in the room. Lord Tybur finishes his preparations, as crowds take their seats. The presentation begins, and an apparent Marleyan soldier summons the Warriors on behalf of Theo Magath.

Reiner questions Eren on why he came to Marley. Then, they begin to listen to Willy's speech, where he recounts the understood history of the world. Eren and Reiner continue talking, and Pieck Finger and Porco Galliard are led into a room, where a trap door is pulled underneath them. Falco realizes that Eren is from Paradis Island, whilst Willy declares that the known history is a lie. He explains it was King Fritz who saved the world, and never actually posed a threat. He expands though, that Karl Fritz' power has been stolen, and a rebel resisting world peace had appeared: Eren Yeager.

Cover Number Title Release date
100 Declaration of War
 (宣戦布告 Sensen Fukoku?)
December 9th, 2017
Chapter 100 Cover.pngBefore the festival in Liberio, Willy Tybur and Theo Magath suspect their enemies are already hidden within Marley. Willy intends to use the festival to draw them out by using himself as bait. Magath is concerned that he will be unable to protect Willy, but Willy emphasizes the importance of having the Eldians of the internment zone become tragic victims, including himself.

In the present, Willy continues his story about how the Tyburs sided with Karl Fritz and sold out the other Eldians to Marley. Meanwhile, Magath is informed about the disappearance of the Warriors and deploys a search party. As Willy warns of the danger posed by Eren Yeager and the Colossus Titans contained inside the Walls of Paradis Island, Eren tells Reiner Braun that he now understands what Reiner went through while living with the enemy, but Reiner does not want any excuses and accepts responsibility for what he did. Eren offers him a hand, but as Willy calls on the nations of the world to join his fight, Eren transforms into the Attack Titan. He emerges from the building behind Willy and then crushes him with his hand.

Cover Number Title Release date
101 The War Hammer Titan
 (戦鎚の巨人 Sentsui no Kyojin?)
January 9th, 2018
Chapter 101 Cover.pngEren Yeager in his Attack Titan form eats Willy Tybur's corpse and proceeds to massacre the festival attendees, as Colt Grice and Gabi Braun take refuge from the human stampede by hiding behind a piece of debris; but Udo is crushed by the fleeing crowd after attempting to rescue Zofia's body. Lara Tybur reveals herself as the true holder of the War Hammer Titan and starts battling the Attack Titan, quickly taking the upper hand by impaling it with a spear that it made appear from the ground, as Theo Magath orders his men to get ready for the battle.

Meanwhile, Pieck Finger and Porco Galliard are rescued from the underground trap and informed about the ongoing events, but decide to observe the situation for a bit before joining the struggle and witnessing the appearance of the Survey Corps heading towards the battle zone. The Attack Titan breaks free from the spear but is immobilized by the intense fire of the Marley artillery and then beheaded by the War Hammer Titan. Emerging from the headless body of his Titan, Eren is asked by his opponent for his final words, but he gives Mikasa Ackerman the signal to enter the combat. In a surprise attack, Mikasa fires Thunder Spears at the War Hammer Titan's neck as other Survey Corps members ambush the Marleyan soldiers. Eren thanks Mikasa for coming for him, and Mikasa asks him to come home.

Cover Number Title Release date
102 Too Little, Too Late
 (後の祭り Ato no Matsuri?)
February 9th, 2018
Chapter 102 Cover.pngCommander Theo Magath orders the Marleyan military to gather in order to fight the invaders from Paradis Island, but as he ponders that everything is going according to Willy Tybur's plan to make the Eldians earn the hatred of the entire world, the roof he was hiding in is exploded by the Survey Corps. Jean and Floch argue about the latter's disregard for civilian casualties, while Mikasa asks Eren if he realizes that he has killed civilians too; but suddenly they see the War Hammer Titan standing up again, and Eren comes up with a plan to defeat and eat it.

In grief for Udo and Zofia's deaths, Gabi goes to fight despite Colt's pleas, but on her way she runs into Sasha and Connie attacking a convoy of reinforcements. While Mikasa distracts the War Hammer Titan, Eren transforms back into the Attack Titan and discovers the crystallized Lara Tybur controlling the Titan's body from under the ground via a cable, and cuts off the connection. However, as he is about to eat her, the Jaw Titan bites his nape and tries to eat him in turn. He is saved by Levi, and Galliard is quickly surrounded by more Survey Corps members. The Corps are however attacked by the Cart Titan's Panzer Unit, and they are soon joined by Gabi and the Beast Titan. The two enemy groups face each other, with Zeke calling for the Survey Corps annihilation, while Levi instructs the Corps to survive.

Cover Number Title Release date
103 Assault
 (強襲 Kyōshū?)
March 9th, 2018
Chapter 103 Cover.pngFalco awakens to see the Survey Corps and the Warriors engaging one another. He finds Reiner partially transformed and unconscious in the rubble, and leaves to find him help. Mikasa unsuccessfully attempts to destroy the War Hammer's crystal, and Eren is also unsuccessful in consuming it. As the fight continues, Eren emerges from his Titan form, and immediately transforms again. Pieck and Galliard discuss their plan, agreeing to defend Zeke from the Survey Corps. Zeke proclaims that Eren is not his enemy, and tells Levi that it is time to come out.

Falco reaches Magath, and alerts him to Reiner's state as Gabi joins them. Meanwhile, Marleyan battleships approaching the harbor are destroyed when Armin transforms into the Colossus Titan from a boat nearby. Angered by Bertolt's death, Galliard attempts to rush down the Attack Titan, yet is stopped by Mikasa. Jean readies a squadron of Survey Corps soldiers to attack the Cart Titan. While Pieck is distracted, the Beast Titan's nape is slashed and detonated, using explosives, by Levi. Jean's squadron and Sasha begin to attack the Cart Titan, killing its Panzer Unit, and showering Pieck with explosives. Before Jean could deal the final blow, Falco rushes out onto the battlefield, begging for the fighting to stop.

Cover Number Title Release date
104 Victors
 (勝者 Shōsha?)
April 9th, 2018
Chapter 104 Cover.pngArmin Arlert emerges from the nape of the Colossus Titan, watching the destruction he just caused on the harbor, and thinking that this is the same scene Bertolt witnessed 9 years before. Jean tries to finish off the Cart Titan with a Thunder Spear, but he is hit by a burst of steam launched by the Titan and misses his aim. After an unconscious Pieck emerges from the Titan, the Survey Corps try to attack her, but they are repelled by Magath and Marleyan soldiers, allowing Falco and Gabi to escape with Pieck.

Eren and Mikasa have difficulty battling Galliard due to his Jaw Titan's speed, while Gabi and Falco take refuge inside a building, while commenting on Pieck's injuries and discussing Reiner's status. They then see an airship approaching, commanded by Hange Zoë, which is coming to rescue the Corps. Galliard attempts to attack the ship but Mikasa ambushes him and slashes his legs, an opportunity which is taken by Eren who dismembers the Titan and uses its jaws to break Lara Tybur's crystal and ingest her fluids. As he tries to eat the Jaw Titan too, Reiner is awakened by Gabi and Falco's screams, and appears as an un-armored Titan. Eren quickly knocks him down but Reiner manages to rescue Galliard. Eren comes out of the Attack Titan and flees towards the airship along with Mikasa, but they are pursued by Gabi who is determined to kill Eren, as Jean orders the Corps to kill all enemies below.

Cover Number Title Release date
105 Assassin's Bullet
 (凶弾 Kyōdan?)
May 9th, 2018
Chapter 105 Cover.pngAfter Eren Yeager climbs onto the airship, he is aggressively placed under arrest by Levi. Meanwhile, the soldiers protecting the airship prepare to board, with Jean leaving former Garrison commander Lobov outside to defend the ship. In the airship, and despite taking six casualties, the Survey Corps begin celebrating the battle as a major victory for Eldia.

Falco rushes after Gabi, who chases the retreating Survey Corps and then emotionally explains that she cannot forgive those who destroyed her home. Spotting Lobov outside the ship, she shoots and kills him. She uses the corpses tethered maneuvering gear to board the ship together with Falco. Gabi rolls inside the airship and fires at the celebrating soldiers, hitting Sasha in the chest. The Warrior candidates are captured and taken to a room where they find Zeke sitting with Eren. Zeke explains his plan has been successful except for a few miscalculations. Hange expresses their disappointment in Eren for his actions that had forced the Corps to act, but Zeke argues that they now have both the Founder and a Titan of royal blood. Connie then enters the room and tells the group that Sasha had just died. Mortified, Jean blames Eren for dragging the Survey Corps into conflict as Eren suffers the emotional burden of death once more.

Cover Number Title Release date
106 Brave Volunteers
 (義勇兵 Giyū-hei?)
June 9th, 2018
Chapter 106 Cover.pngArmin recalls how Paradis Island encountered the first of many ships sent from Marley and how the island decided to form an alliance with Yelena and Zeke Yeager to fight Marley. The two sides begin to pool their resources to bring the fight to Marley as they seize the many warships sent to Paradis Island.

He talks to the crystal holding Annie about how they buried their lost comrades and mentions Sasha's death, wishing a peaceful option was available instead of always having to fight; elsewhere, Eren, who is slowly becoming numb to the death and violence around him, resolves to continue fighting Paradis Island's enemies to the very end.