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This article is about the tenth arc of the Attack on Titan anime. For the manga arc, see Marley arc.

Marley arc (マーレ編  Māre-hen?) is the tenth story arc of the Attack on Titan anime.


Across the sea, the nation of Marley finishes its fight with the Mid-East Allied Forces using the power of the Titans. However, it becomes all too clear to the Marleyan military that the power of the Titans is losing its place in the modern age. In order to maintain its hold on the world, the power of the Founding Titan is needed now more than ever. Unfortunately for the Warriors, the Founder still rests in the hands of Eren Jaeger and the last remnants of Eldia, the devils of Paradis Island whom Reiner Braun will soon have to confront once more.


Picture Number Title Air date
60 The Other Side of the Sea
 (海の向こう側 Umi no Mukougawa?)
December 7, 2020
Falco speaks to Gabi.png Marley besieges Fort Slava, aiming to end their four-year conflict with the Mid-East Allied Forces sparked by their defeat in Shiganshina. Warrior candidate Falco Grice is saved by his brother Colt, who returns him to the trenches nearby. The presence of an armored train prevents Marley from deploying its Titans. Warrior candidate Gabi Braun is approved to destroy it by Marleyan Commander Magath, which she succeeds in through the use of perfidy.

The deployment of Galliard and Pieck clears the Mid-East trenches, which allows their airborne operation to begin. Zeke Jaeger uses his Titan power to transform Eldians into Pure Titans, creating a powerful airstrike. The Armored Titan joins the battle, destroying the remaining anti-Titan artillery with the Jaw. With the fort secure, Zeke uses his Beast Titan's pitching to sink the naval fleet stationed nearby, however, artillery fire from the ships heavily damages the Armored Titan. A peace treaty is signed, but the battle's outcome reminds Marley of the growing need to acquire the Founding Titan.

Picture Number Title Air date
61 Midnight Train
 (闇夜の列車 Yamiyo no Ressha?)
December 14, 2020
Zeke speaks with the officers.png Given how narrowly Marley achieved victory over the Mid-East Allied Forces, it is clear to Marley's military leaders that the era of their country's domination via Titan warfare is coming to an end. Marley plans to revive the Paradis Island Operation to capture the Founding Titan to buy a few more years for their military to restructure and modernize for a post-Titan reality. However, taking the island will be difficult as none of Marley's ships have returned for the past three years, making it clear that Paradis Island controls at least two of the Nine Titans.

The Warriors and Warrior candidates return home to Liberio where they are reunited with their families. Reiner Braun shares some of his experiences on the island, confusing his cousin, Gabi, when he refers to meeting "all sorts of people" there rather than universally condemning them. The next day, Zeke Jaeger informs the Warriors and Colt Grice of an upcoming festival in Liberio, where dignitaries will be invited from abroad. There, the Tybur family, holders of the War Hammer Titan, will announce the plan to take Paradis Island.

Picture Number Title Air date
62 The Door of Hope
 (希望の扉 Kibō no Tobira?)
December 21, 2020
Reiner mocks Porco.png Reiner Braun recalls his youth when he trained as a Warrior so that his Eldian mother and Marleyan father could live together. Faced with many struggles and shortcomings, Reiner's dream kept his resolve alive. He recalls his final days in Warrior training when he, Bertholdt Hoover, Annie Leonhart, and Marcel Galliard were sent to Paradis Island to reclaim the Founding Titan.

On their journey to the wall, Reiner learned that Marcel set him up to inherit the Armored Titan instead of his brother. Reiner's shock was worsened when, shortly afterward, a Titan consumed Marcel. The Warriors lost hope for their mission after Marcel's death, but Reiner's determination to live and succeed spurred his comrades on. Meanwhile, Falco Grice continues to struggle with his Warrior training, becoming more and more convinced that he has no hope of inheriting the Armored Titan and saving Gabi Braun's life. On his way home from the Warriors' headquarters, Falco meets a wounded soldier who wants to speak with him.

Picture Number Title Air date
63 From One Hand to Another
 (手から手へ Te kara Te e?)
December 28, 2020
Willy invites the guests to Liberio.png Theo Magath meets with Willy Tybur, the head of the Tybur family, and finds they are of a similar mind when it comes to the current political state of Marley. They work together as Willy arranges for a festival to be held in Liberio's internment zone for ambassadors from around the world. He plans to announce his solution to the Titan scourge there.

Meanwhile, Falco Grice has been delivering messages for Mr. Kruger and also manages to beat Gabi Braun in a race for the first time. However, she fails to understand his confession that he is trying so hard because he cares about her. Both Warriors and candidates enjoy the festival the day it arrives, and before the evening's theater production can begin, Falco asks Reiner Braun to come with him. He leads him to a basement where Mr. Kruger is waiting and Reiner recognizes him as Eren Jaeger.

Picture Number Title Air date
64 Declaration of War
 (宣戦布告 Sensen Fukoku?)
January 11, 2021
Eren speaks to Reiner.png In the basement of a building behind the stage, Reiner Braun reunites with Eren Jaeger for the first time in four years. He is terrified that Eren has come back to exact revenge, but Eren is calm and explains that he is here for the same reason Reiner originally came to Paradis Island. He asks Reiner for the reason he attacked in the first place, and understanding his point of view, he concludes that the two of them are the same. Given their situations they did not have a choice, either then or now.

On the stage itself, Willy Tybur puts on a theatrical production of Eldian history as it is known to the rest of the world, only to reveal that the true end of the Great Titan War was brought about by King Karl Fritz himself, who worked with the Tybur family to manufacture the story of Helos. The King isolated himself and his people on Paradis Island and made a vow to renounce war that would be imposed on his successors, which would have kept the world safe from Titans, except that the Founding Titan has now changed hands to Eren, who is not bound by the same restrictions as those of the royal bloodline. Willy asks the world to unite with him as he declares war on Paradis.

Picture Number Title Air date
65 The War Hammer Titan
 (戦鎚の巨人 Sentsui no Kyojin?)
January 18, 2021
The War Hammer Titan transforms.png Before the Liberio festival, Willy Tybur and Theo Magath are aware that their enemies are likely to attack the festival, and make plans to take advantage of this. In the present, Eren Jaeger's Attack Titan eats Willy and begins to massacre the festival attendees. Lara Tybur transforms into the War Hammer Titan to engage him, while the rescued Pieck and Porco Galliard witness the appearance of the Scout Regiment. The War Hammer Titan defeats Eren and asks for his last words, but he is saved by Mikasa Ackermann, who disables the Titan in a surprise attack.

Meanwhile, Commander Magath orders the Marleyan military to converge upon Liberio in order to trap the enemy. Enraged by the deaths of Udo and Zofia, Gabi Braun heads towards the battlefield. As Mikasa reengages the reanimated War Hammer Titan, Eren discovers Lara Tybur's crystal controlling her Titan via a cable. He transforms again and severs the cable, but is attacked by the Jaw Titan before he can eat it. Eren is saved by Levi Ackermann, and Galliard is quickly surrounded by more Scouts.

Picture Number Title Air date
66 Assault
 (強襲 Kyōshū?)
January 25, 2021
Gabi charges into battle.png The Scout Regiment and the Warriors face off as the Beast Titan joins the battle. Though Pieck is initially optimistic about Marley's chances, the arrival of Armin Arlelt's Colossal Titan changes the flow of combat when it wipes out all the military reinforcements in Liberio's port. Porco Galliard impulsively splits away from the group to attack Eren Jaeger, giving Levi Ackermann the opportunity to topple the Beast Titan. Pieck is soon overwhelmed by the Scouts and is nearly killed before Falco Grice intervenes.

Galliard manages to rip off one of the Attack Titan's arms and swipes at its head, but Eren blocks it with Lara Tybur's crystal, which is unexpectedly scratched by the Jaw Titan's claws. When the Scouts' airship arrives to extract their soldiers, Galliard attempts to switch targets only to be caught by Mikasa Ackermann, who severs his Titan's legs. Eren removes the Jaw Titan's remaining limbs before shoving Lara's crystal between its jaws. He then forces its jaws closed to crack the crystal and swallow the blood and spinal fluid belonging to the War Hammer Titan. Realizing that Galliard is next to be eaten, Falco and Gabi Braun begin shouting for Reiner, who wakes up in time to transform and distract Eren.

Picture Number Title Air date
67 Assassin's Bullet
 (凶弾 Kyōdan?)
February 1, 2021
Gabi takes aim.png Tired after many battles in Liberio, Eren Jaeger beats back a weary Reiner Braun before retreating with Mikasa Ackermann to the Scout Regiment's airship. As the Scouts retreat, Gabi Braun chases after them with Falco Grice trying to stop her. She manages to kill Lobov and figures out how to use his omni-directional mobility gear to reel herself up to the airship. Before Falco's brother Colt can stop them, Gabi retracts the wire, carrying both her and Falco up.

Once on board she manages to shoot Sasha Braus before she and Falco are overwhelmed by the Scouts. After hearing her talk about carrying on Zeke Jaeger's will, Jean Kirschtein brings the two into another room where Zeke is regenerating from the mock battle he had with Levi Ackermann, revealing that Zeke was actually working with the Scouts. Everything had gone according to plan, barring a few miscalculations; specifically the two children. However, Hange Zoë is unhappy with Eren for forcing the Scouts to come to his aid, and when Sasha passes away from her wounds, Jean blames Eren's actions for her loss.

Picture Number Title Air date
68 Brave Volunteers
 (義勇兵 Giyū-hei?)
February 8, 2021
Onyankopon speaks.png Three years ago, Paradis Island captured the crew of a Marleyan ship thanks to the assistance of the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers who betray their fellow crew members. With the Volunteers' help, the Scout Regiment learns what Marley's military capabilities are and are able to construct a port of their own. The Volunteers were assembled by Zeke Jaeger, who relays a plan to protect the Eldian people through them. Eren correctly concludes that Zeke has discovered how to work around Karl Fritz's vow to renounce war, and that the two of them together could use the threat of waking the Wall Titans to hold the rest of the world at bay.

In the present, Sasha Braus is mourned by her friends and family, including Nicolo, one of the captured Marleyans, who is now allowed to work as a chef. Wanting to connect with her grieving family, he invites them to eat where he works. Meanwhile, Levi shows Zeke where he will be staying, in a forest of giant trees, and Dot Pyxis has the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers detained in order to keep Zeke on a short leash. He is apologetic that he cannot afford to trust them given how helpful they have been the past few years. Armin is still saddened by the recent raid on Liberio, but feels they had no choice and compares it to Annie Leonhart's experience as he talks to her in her crystal.