Marlowe Freudenberg (マルロ・フロイデンベルク Maruro Furoidenberuku?) is a new recruit of the Military Police Brigade.


Marlowe is a young man with dark hair in the style of a bowl cut. While on duty he wears his Military Police Brigade uniform.


Marlowe is a hard worker and takes his job seriously. Unlike his fellow officers, he wears his uniform on his days off and works on assignments pushed onto him by other officers.[1] Marlowe cares a lot about doing the right thing. He confronts senior officers when he catches them lying about being sick to get off work.[2] His fellow officers consider him to be a serious person.[3]


Wall Sheena, Goodbye

Sometime before the Survey Corps' 57th expedition beyond the Walls, a superior officer briefs Marlowe, Hitch and Annie on an illegal drug known as Coderoin. He is informed that the drug has only recently been introduced to Stohess District. He learns that any soldier that confiscates enough of it will receive a special bonus.[4]

Elliot inquires for Annie

Marlowe informs Elliot of Annie's whereabouts

On the morning before the Survey Corps' 57th expedition beyond the Walls, Marlowe eats breakfast in the barracks mess hall. Two of his fellow officers ask him why he is wearing his uniform, and laugh at him once they learn that he is still working even on his day off.[1]

Later during the day Elliot Gurnberg Stratmann comes to the Military Police offices and asks Marlowe about Annie's whereabouts. Marlowe informs Elliot that Annie is out on business and asks if Elliot would like to leave a message for her.[5] He then writes a note and puts it in Annie's mailbox.[6]



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