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Matteus (マテウス Mateusu?) was a soldier of the Military Police Brigade who accompanied Xavi Inocencio to the Industrial City.


Matteus was an older man with medium-length brown hair and a weary expression. He wore the standard uniform of the Military Police Brigade along with a bolo tie.



Visit to the Industrial City arc

Matteus was able to find his way into part of a growing movement within the Industrial City as a spy on behalf of Captain Gloria Bernhart.[1] When Xavi Inocencio is sent to the Industrial City under orders from Gloria to squash the Movement, Matteus is sent to accompany him. Xavi thinks to himself that Matteus must have been sent in order to ensure the success of his mission and that Matteus may kill him if necessary. As Xavi thinks to himself that he will turn Gloria's ambitions towards his own desires, Matteus glances warily at Xavi in silence.[2]

Matteus introduces Xavi

Matteus introduces Xavi to August during a meeting

After reaching the Industrial City, Matteus takes Xavi to a meeting between the heads of the Dissidence Movement. He introduces Xavi and presents him as a new member of the Military Police who shares their common goal and interests.[3] The movement's leader, August, welcomes him and inquires if Matteus was able to secure the weapons for a planned revolt the following day. Matteus claims that aside from some explosives, he was able to acquire the rest; he tells August that they were shipped in by alternate means to conceal them from the authorities. As they discuss matters further, Matteus continues to glance at Xavi and mentions that the latter has a dinner appointment with Captain Dafner of the Military Police, saying that he must not raise suspicions by breaking the arrangement.[4] As they leave, Matteus and Xavi go their separate ways, promising to meet back up the following night.

Dissidence Movement arc

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Matteus duels Xavi

Matteus duels Xavi during the rebellion

The next night, Matteus meets back up with Xavi, and they join the Dissidence Movement as they begin their attack on the Industrial City. They both go with Juli's group to attack the head office of the Military Police and Matteus takes note of Xavi's surprised expression when it is revealed that the workshop of Xenophon Harkimo is a priority target as well as the mint and the MP office. Matteus expresses some surprise as well that the workshops are another one of their targets. Matteus soon realizes that Xavi has broken off and heading towards the workshops; he catches up with Xavi and notes that it is time. Matteus reveals his true motives and expresses contempt for Xavi. Worried that he would be found as the one who supplied weapons for the movement once it is squashed, Matteus intends to kill Xavi and place the blame on him. Having had enough of the young man's elitist attitude, Matteus draws his sword and lunges at him.[5]

The two fight for some time, and Matteus is able to slowly overpower Xavi.[6] Eventually, Matteus has Xavi beaten and on the ground. Expressing his desire to cut Xavi's face, Matteus is about to land a killing blow when he is injured by Xavi's agent Fuchs. Shocked by the surprise attack, Matteus takes his eyes off Xavi and is unable to block Xavi's strike. As he lies on the ground bleeding, Xavi takes Matteus' sword and kills him by ramming it into his chest.[7]

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