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Memory Maze is the twelfth and final short story of the Attack on Titan Anthology. It is written and illustrated by Tomer Hanuka and Asaf Hanuka.


Eighteen years after the breaking of the Wall, former soldier Edgar returns home to his wife Eve with a freshly killed rabbit. As Edgar prepares the rabbit for eating, Eve finishes another quilt, a hobby she had begun to cope with the death of their son eighteen years ago. Eve spots red smoke outside the window, signaling that a Wall has been broken again, and Edgar leads her to the basement. He comforts his wife concerning the death of their son as he equips himself with vertical maneuvering equipment. Suddenly, a Titan destroys the house above them. Edgar faces the Titan, but is crushed in its grip and dropped to the ground.

Taking up her husband's detached blade, Eve approaches the Titan and enters its mouth. Remembering her dead son, she cuts her way through its neck and out of the nape, killing the Titan. Shortly afterward, she informs members of the Survey Corps of her husband's death. The head soldier offers her comfort before asking her if any other loved ones were lost that day.


On a snowy day, Edgar returns to his home with a freshly killed rabbit. Within the house, his wife Eve knits a large quilt while remembering their son. She pricks her finger on the needle and sucks on the wound to clear the blood off. As Edgar prepares the rabbit for cooking, Eve shows him the quilt she had been knitting, saying that their son will love it and will no doubt tell them all about his journey when he returns. Edgar bitterly humors the thought as he skins the rabbit. Eve looks out of the window, spotting a column of red smoke rising from the sky, and panics realizing that the Titans must have broken through the Wall. Edgar grabs her and rushes them both to the basement.

Edgar is killed

Edgar is crushed by a Titan

Within the basement, Edgar assures that Eve will be safe there. Eve worries for their son, saying that he will not be able to find them underground. Edgar remarks that on the day eighteen years ago when their son ran after the smoke, he did not know what the signal meant. Equipping an old set of vertical maneuvering equipment, he admits that many people died on that day and that nothing could have been done about it. He lights a lantern, illuminating the dozens of quilts hanging on the walls and rolled up in the corners. Edgar asks Eve to let go of the memories of their long-dead son, angering Eve greatly. Their conversation is cut short as a Titan stomps through the floor of their ruined house. Drawing the blades of his gear, Edgar tells Eve to run without looking back. As Edgar engages the Titan, Eve begs him not to leave her.

Eve kills the Titan

Eve kills the Titan

Edgar attempts to cut the Titan's nape but is caught in its grip where he is crushed. The Titan lets his corpse fall to the ground, and Eve approaches her husband's blade. Taking up the weapon, she climbs the shattered stairs of their old home and reaches the Titan's mouth where she climbs inside. As she finally lets go of the memories of her son, she cuts through the neck of the Titan from the inside and escapes through the nape, the lifeless Titan falling to the ground.

Shortly afterward, members of the Survey Corps arrive at the ruins of Eve's home. The head of the group approaches Eve, asking her gently if anyone was lost. Eve tells them that her husband Edgar had died. The soldier comforts her, admitting that the day has been a hard one, and he asks her once more if any other members of her household were lost that day.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Edgar (killed)
  2. Eve