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This article is about the 24th episode of the Attack on Titan anime. For the manga chapter of the same name, see Mercy.

Quote1.png You can't call any Titans to eat you this time. But don't you worry. I'll savor the information I pry from you instead. Quote2.png
— Hange threatens Annie

Mercy: Assault on Stohess, Part 2 (慈悲 ―ストヘス区急襲②― Jihi -Sutohesu-ku Kyūshū (2)-?) is the 24th episode of the 1st season and the 24th episode overall of the Attack on Titan anime, produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


Recalling the meeting when the Scouts suspect the Female Titan's identity, Eren is too hesitant to transform into his Titan to fight Annie. Devising a plan to distract her, Mikasa and Armin split up to confront Annie, but Eren is crushed under the collapsing tunnel.

The Scout Regiment engages in battle with the Female Titan while Jean and Armin attempt to convince Eren to fight. When Eren finally finds his resolve, he transforms into his Titan form and clashes with the Female Titan.


Levi does not blame Eren for the death of his squad

As Eren witnesses Annie's true identity, he recalls the time from a few days ago. While he and Levi are waiting for Erwin and others, Levi wonders why it is taking so long, claiming constipation issues to be the cause, much to Eren's amusement. Eren then apologizes for making a wrong choice; however, Levi once again states that it was not possible to predict the outcome. At that moment, Erwin finally arrives, claiming that they have the last chance to capture the Female Titan and explains the upcoming operation in the Stohess District. They note that Armin has identified the suspect and that Eren trained with her. Eren is horrified when he realizes who they are suggesting is the enemy.

Back in the present, Annie has just transformed and the flashback of Erwin's voice recites her name. Eren, Armin and Mikasa are forced to run from Annie in the tunnels as she reaches out to grab them. Armin says Annie knew the operation was a ploy from the start, and they review the plan to make Eren transform so he can fight the Female Titan. Up ahead they see two Scout Regiment members in the tunnel, one soldier asking if the plan was successful, to Armin's dismayful reply. They are suddenly stopped by Annie who stomps through the roof of the tunnel, killing the soldiers and forcing the group to withdraw. Eren begs to help them but Mikasa refuses, shocked at how Annie would let Eren die. Armin says that Annie made a bet that Eren would not get crushed, and that she will do anything to retrieve him.

Eren is unable to transform

Eren bites on his finger attempting to transform, but fails for some reason. Mikasa suspects it may be due to Eren's disbelief that Annie is really the Female Titan, or other "feelings" he may have for her. When Armin comes up with a plan to distract Annie, Eren returns back to when they discuss the identity of the Female Titan, with Erwin revealing their suspect as Annie. Armin gives multiple reasons why, much to Eren's dismay. Back in the present, Armin and Mikasa leave the tunnels, with Mikasa stating that the world is a cruel place as a response to how Eren can not understand how they could fight Annie.

Annie kicks through the roof, crushing Eren in rubble. As Mikasa and Armin attempt to fight her off, Jean abandons his disguise and goes to aid Armin. Erwin prepares to help, but he and Levi are then surrounded by troops of the Military Police, guns ready, told by Nile Dawk that they are against the King. Jean attempts to help Eren out, but Annie keeps on fighting the military, throwing more rubble around, some of which lands on Eren and traps him even more.

Annie trapped yet again

Armin sees Annie fighting off more Scout Regiment members and confronts her, attempting to distract her by saying that if she does not kill him now, her bet is meaningless. This gives Jean enough time to sneak up behind her and strike her neck; however, she protects it, and Jean scurries away and calls Armin to follow him as they further lure Annie across Stohess.

Moblit and Hange are atop a building, with Moblit saying Hange has a crazy look in their eyes. Just then Annie is running between the two buildings, and Hange sets off the special target restraining weapon and successfully traps Annie as Jean and Armin attempt to escape. The Scout Regiment members atop the building throw down a barbed net to pin Annie to the ground. Armin lands on the ground and Mikasa is there, looking concerned. Hange appears as well and tells Annie, who is currently immobilized, to be a good girl and stay put. Hange says that they are too far away from the Wall for other Titans to eat her again, and that this time around, they will be the one to devour Annie of all information they can get. Annie's pupils contract and she kicks the special target capture weapon surrounding her, which catches Hange and the other soldiers off-guard, forcing them to use their omni-directional mobility gear to get into the air. Hange and Mikasa arrive atop a building, and as Annie is running in the opposite direction, Hange commands the soldiers to follow and prevent her escape, Jean and Armin following suit.

Eren begins his transformation

Eren is still trapped under debris with a piece of wood in his chest, when he remembers Armin saying that someone who can not sacrifice anything can never change anything. Eren thinks that is why he failed, because he clung onto his companions and his ties with them. Eren remembers the deaths of his fellow soldiers as well as his mother, which further infuriates him as he pushes through the wood impaling him and says that he will kill Annie. At that moment Eren transforms, with the subsequent lightning bolt catching the attention of Nile and Erwin, who are still at gunpoint. The ground shakes as Eren sprints through the city in Titan form. Annie is then caught off-guard when Eren's Titan surprises her with a solid punch to the face, knocking her into a building. An enraged Eren then charges at her.

Currently Publicly Available Information

Wall Sina


Wall Sina encloses the capital and about 200,000 people. Residency requires special permission and is technically restricted to the royal family and their relatives.

One may also earn residency rights through meritorious service in the Garrison Regiment or Military Police Regiment, which is considered the sole means for the poor to gain safe refuge.

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