• I live in Canada
  • I was born on March 13
  • My occupation is University Student
  • I am Male
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  • Hi Freeman1378,

    We've noticed that you have been regularly editing your profile page for the past several days with minor edits that of are no consequence (and prior to that there were days where you edited old forum posts and did nothing else that day). This has been enough for you to keep your daily contribution running so that you were able to earn the Bertolt badge for "contributing" for 14 days in a row.

    Badge farming is not allowed. Our guidelines say:

    This feature is intended to encourage people to help on the Wiki, not to make a high number of insignificant edits or vandalize pages just to get a prize. Any user detected doing this could be blocked, losing also all their points and badges and their position in the ranking (if any).

    We know you to contribute to the forums, and we'd like you to continue to do so, so this is a warning not to continue in case you were not aware. If you wish to keep earning badges, please do so through honest contributions to the wiki and its forums.


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  • Survey Corps Logo

    Thanks for your edit to Chapter #106: "Volunteers", and thanks for joining our community!

    Before continue editing, please take a moment to read our Manual of Style, it is the guide that explains the way we work on here. Be aware that your edits will be reverted if they do not follow those guidelines.

    If after reading it you find wrong or missing information on the wiki, feel free to make the necessary edits yourself. You do not need to ask an admin about adding or correcting certain information (unless the page in question is locked). Admins only supervise, but the wiki is filled by everyone.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything, or contact any of our other Administrators. :)

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