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  • I live in Japan
  • I was born on December 25
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  • Hi. I wanted to let you know that there's already a thread in the forum to discuss chapter 80, so please avoid duplicating the same topic on other sections of the wiki. I moved your blog post there:

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    • Manuel de la Fuente wrote:

      KiruSama wrote:

      Question about Levi Ackerman. Lately, i've seen people saying the cravat Levi wears is a piece of his deceased mother's shirt. Though, i don't see it on Levi Ackerman's page. Is it missing information or are people just making up these stupid rumors? 

      Guess what.

      They responded to my question Isayama said it in an inteview All i could find was tumblr posts and AoT erotica

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    • LOL, I seriously doubt that. They can say that Isayama revealed in an interview that Zeke is Grisha's reincarnation; but (conveniently) most of those interviews are never recorded by anyone and cannot be found in any reliable source. Unless I see a video or a transcription by a trustful user, I wouldn't believe any of those rumors.

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