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  • Hi,

    I just revised some of your edits to the Walls page. You added a couple images with the names "Walls-0.png" and "The reclaim.png." The wiki's image policy requires a proper name so it's possible to understand what the image is showing. No numbers should be included. I've renamed them to "Artistic depiction of the Walls.png" and "Reclaiming Wall Maria.png" to give you a better idea of what we're looking for.

    Aside from that, you need to start adding image data if you're going to upload images. Various wiki members have been fixing your previous uploads, but if you're going to keep doing this, you should learn to add file information yourself so there aren't other people cleaning up after you. I'll show you how.

    Let's use this one as an example for what should be there: File:The_basement's_entrance.png If you follow that link you'll see that the About tab is populated with information regarding the image; a brief description, which episode it came from, etc. There is also a licensing message explaining why the wiki feels it is legally justifiable for us to host this image.

    If you click the Edit button, you can copy everything under Summary and Licensing to add those two boxes to the images you recently uploaded. I'd like you do to that. You'll notice that part of the Summary is already filled out for you, so all you really need to do is provide the episode number and a new description for your recently added images. (Side Note: The Screenshot template under Licensing is only for anime. If you decide to upload manga at a later date, you'll use the Fairuse template instead.)

    There is also one other thing I'd like you to add to the images.

    In the example I gave you, you'll also notice that the image is tagged for the characters that appear in it. This is so when people click on "Images of Eren Jaeger (Anime)" they are linked all the pictures that he is in.

    So when you're editing the file information for an image you'll see that you have a Categories option on the sidebar. For each character in the image, you'll need to type in "Images of [name] (Anime)" and add them to the Categories. Then when you save, the image will be properly tagged for them.

    Please take care of this and be sure to add the file information going forward.

    Thank you and sorry this is such a long post.


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  • Hi. I'd like to kindly ask you to stop bolding subheaders on articles, since it's unnecessary. If you see your edits reverted, check the article history or wiki activity for an explanation.

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    • Sure. I just thought bolding the subheaders would make it easier to distinguish the title from the description.

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    Thanks for your edit to File:Rod Reiss' Abnormal Titan.png, and thanks for joining our community!

    Before continue editing, please take a moment to read our Manual of Style, it is the guide that explains the way we work on here. Be aware that your edits will be reverted if they do not follow those guidelines.

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