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  • Unfortunately, I'll have to delete that page(and it's talk page). We don't make the main manga pages beforehand based off of unofficial leaks and translations. Though, spin-off material is usually taken from fan translated sites, as the English version is usually several books/chapters behind the original Japanese version.

    But from what I've seen so far, you've made only a couple of mistakes:

    • The video and image boxes.
      • I'm assuming you used the default page template when prompted with how to start the page.
    • Coincidentally, not using the chapters template meant you needed to add the categories directly.
    • The title should have been Chapter 78, which would have been a redirect page anyway. While the original page would have had the title of the chapter.
    • The Characters Appearance section isn't using the template for it.
      • There's also spelling in general, which is usually a small thing, but you're not using the spelling for Eren's name as it appears on the wiki.
    • And we don't add empty sections to pages.

    The chapter should come out officially on the 8th, though there have been times where that wasn't the case. So you will have to wait till then to make the page. If you are determined to make the page before someone else on the 8th, you might want to try downloading Crunchyroll's manga app. Last chapter was uploaded a couple hours sooner on their app than their website for some reason.

    Also, I'm not sure how much other editors here care. But making pages in this fashion allows one to dominate the creation of chapter pages. It wouldn't be fair to those that may want to start one, to allow someone to make the page early before official info is out.

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    • Hi

      Thanks for the input.

      I started update the page. But can't add the categories for example. I'll try to work on it tomorrow. Same with the other template. I'm still not used on working with templates. 

      Anyway, it's a first contribution on a chapter page and i added the translated chapter + title + my first contribution with the mention "unfinished" that i took from another page.

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    • Well the chapter comes out today, if you wanted to be the person to add it when it's officially released.

      The Infobox chap template adds the necessary required categories when you use that template in a page. Other notice templates, like Incomplete and Unreferenced, add categories as well that you won't need to add manually. So for the most part, when it comes to chapters, you most likely won't need to add any category.

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  • Congrats on making your first article. That being said, I've made quite a few changes to put it more in line with the other object pages. So I've got a few things to mention regarding that:

    • First, when adding manga images to the wiki, it needs to be void of English writing. We generally try to use the Japanese raws for images, but they seem quite difficult to obtain in a decent quality. At the very least, try to cut out or paint over the words without destroying the image, so that we aren't uploading the manga in full to the wiki. Also, try not to upload entire pages unless it's absolutely necessary to describe what's supposed to be happening in the image.
    • When it comes to references and page setup up, we use {{References}} for the box where all the references will go, and {{Ref}} for the actual references we add to various parts of the page. There are also different types of navigation templates for each main category. Most of our templates add specific categories, some quite a few of them don't need to be added manually to the page.
    • When it comes to Bertolt's name, we end it in a "t" on this wiki. Also try to add relevant links to other pages, it helps lead people to possibly less popular pages.
    • Not a big deal, but it seems to me that English is not your native language. Which is fine we don't bite people's heads off for that sort of thing. But since you seem to know enough, I ask that you be a little more careful; some of the spelling errors seem like they were due to speeding. We also prefer that pages are written in a in-universe style, so things like "in chapter" or " in the anime" are strongly preferred not to be added to main parts of the page. There are exceptions to that rule and in general, everything is explained in a little more detail here.

    Otherwise, that's probably one of the better starts I've seen a new person make to a page. Headers and adding words under an image seem to be the more difficult things to figure out. The only other thing I could think of is your previous edits need more words and less headers. You had quite a few, but some of them only had a sentence or two under them. Couple that with adding images, and the page seems to look very empty.

    Edit: Corrected a mistake, I meant {{Ref}} but typed {{Refs}} which it wrong. :(

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    • Thanks for the feedback.

      1 - For image, i didn't knew. I was not used to work with manga. 

      Ok, i will remember. Myselfi would have never thought of it.

      2 - For reference, i'm not used technically to that way of working yet. So i'm not sure, if i really understood your comment.

      What i did understand, was: use the template and fill it in ?!? But i doubt my understanding is correct ? So please, feel free to explain it again.

      3 - For spelling/name issue. That's my germand cultural background; we use a "d". LOL Ok

      4 - Your guess is correct. English is my third language. And yes, i was working fast. Test and error.... ;-) 

      ( Having no experience on your wiki, i rather do it once and get the feedback, than doubting and not doing it ).

      5 - For the headers, i just used the headers that i took from the other page of the objects sections. That's why, there are so many... ;-)

      More feedback is welcome, the next time i do a contribution.

      Take care 


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    • Hi again,

      I tried to add one reference on the Reiner page, regarding the last chapter. 

      I could find the template named "reference" and implement it. But i could not add the content of the reference in the template;

      So either, i do not have the right to add a reference; or there is a detail that i haven't understood yet. So, if you can help me on how to use the template reference, you are welcome. 



      Ps The page was Reiner, on the last arc, the last chapter reference. And the reference i tried to add was the thunder spear reference.


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    • No problem,  practice makes perfect. We were all new once, plus we all still make mistakes. So it's not the end of the world, as long as it's corrected and the mistake was made in "good faith" there shouldn't be a problem.

      My bad, I just noticed I added an "s" to the ref template, which is why it wasn't displaying properly. I'll edit my previous comment to reflect this.

      Adding references to the box is different. You use this template {{Ref}} to place in the chapter and page number, or link that you're trying to reference. So referencing page 5 of chapter 76 should look like, {{ref|76|p=5}}. And it should appear like this: [1]

      As for references, almost all the pages on this wiki have the reference box. So that's something you should really only have to worry about if you're the one making the page. Regardless, to add it you type {{References}} under the ==References== header. And this is what will appear:


      Under normal circumstances, if you don't add any {{Ref}} templates to the page, then the {{References}} template will appear as just an empty box.

      Hopefully, I made it a little easier for you to start adding references to pages.

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    Before continue editing, please take a moment to read our Manual of Style, it is the guide that explains the way we work on here. Be aware that your edits will be reverted if they do not follow those guidelines.

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