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    I notice you've been adding a number of items to the wiki lately, particularly images. While it's great to have another contributor around, I'd like to direct you to the wiki's Image Policy page because you have been uploading images without fulfilling all the criteria, and what happens is, if we keep the image, one of the admins has to go rename it (they are the only ones who can do so), someone has to fill in the fair use/licensing information, and because your images are low quality there has been someone else re-uploading your images at a higher one. (Someone was kind enough to do that for your last three images 5 days ago.)

    All the image information should be filled out by the uploader themselves, rather than someone else coming in after the fact and the images should be correctly named because we can't afford to have images named Pictures 1-500 or no one would be able to find anything.

    You may want to take a look around the wiki before adding a new page or image. Many times there are already usable images for articles and if you had looked around, you would have seen that one you wanted to use for your Mysterious Figure page was already on the Beast Titan's pilot page and the List of Characters/Anime page (and then you would have seen that the page you wanted to create was already there).

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