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  • At least I can say I appreciate that you've improved your behavior, Fire Eater. You act a lot less angry and hostile now. If you had been like this back with your main account, after the tens of times we asked you to stop plaguing our forum with your rants, there'd have been no reason to block you.

    Unfortunately bypassing your block with a fake account is not the way to return to our community. If you wanted to come back you could have just requested it and promised to behave; though all I've heard from you during this time has been negativity and threats, and certainly not a trace of regret for your actions.

    You also insist in your obsession with Sasha (I count 98 mentions of her by you in Discussions only, I don't intend to count the ones in the forum), and you even spoiled a user yesterday in the Anime section due to it.

    If you want to appeal your block you still have to improve that, and make the promise not continue doing what got you blocked in the first place, and not to try to deceive us again. In short, to respect our rules and your fellow users, as it is essential to live in community. When you're ready to take that step I'm sure you'll find how to contact me.

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    • Wait, this guy is Fire Eater? I remember him from about 2 years ago now, and I still recall how hostile he was.  I didn't have an issue with him per se, but I didn't like what he was brining into conversations, and I understand completely why he was blocked, which he was basically asking for.  I also honestly think I found him on Youtube under a different name (Aero Avatar, or something like that) cuz this guy had the same hostile words (like Crapter 105) and even gave Isayama death threats, which all started after chp 105 when you-know-what happened. Both digital footprints were too similar for a concidence lol

      But all that said, my question is: How do you know SunWarrior is Fire Eater?

      I'm only asking as I spoke with SunWarrior before, and it def didn't feel like the same person, and I certaintly doubt that Fire Eater would've been able to act calm after chp 105 if past evidence was any indication.  I haven't even seen the negativity and threats you mentioned, along with the sasha obsession, like we've seen from Fire Eater. 

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    • We don't reveal how we detect sockpuppets, but this was Fire Eater, you can ask him yourself if you wish.

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    • A FANDOM user
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