This article is about the character from the Attack on Titan: Junior High anime. For the character from the original Attack on Titan manga, see Mike Zacharias.


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Miche Zacharius (ミケ・ザカリアス Mike Zakariasu?) is a 3rd year Titan Junior High School student and a member of Attack Junior High Scout Regiment.


He has a prominent nose and blond hair, with bangs completely covering his eyes. He looks quite older in comparison to the other students and has a mustache and beard. He also wears a green hoodie on top of his school uniform.


An upperclassman and a member of the Attack Junior High Scout Regiment, he has a strange habit of sniffing and judgment through smell. He is rather quiet and does not speak if he does not need to.


Miche watches the first-year entrance ceremony from inside a classroom.[1] Miche attends his club only to find new members, which he sniffs at. He reacts to their scents by either smirking and sobbing.[2]


  • Hange Zoë - Miche and Hange appear to get along well with each other. He seems to respect her as a person disregarding her strange hobbies.


  • Despite the fact that he appears in all episodes, he does not have a single line throughout the series.



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