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Quote1.png That resignation letter is mine!! Quote2.png
— Hannes attempts to snatch the letter from the Principal

Might as Well Jump (あおげば「とうっ!!」とし Aogeba `toutsu!!' to shi?) is the 6th chapter of the 4th volume and the 29th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Eren notices that the school principal has Mr. Smith's resignation letter and as he puts on a vertical maneuvering device, Mr. Hannes suggests he use a nearby lunchbox. Eren manages to get the letter and the principal disappears. A week later, the new rules against the human students have been rescinded and the Wall Beautification Club has been reinstated. Mr. Smith thanks the students for all their efforts and vows to continue teaching at the school.


Eren feeds the lunchbox to the Principal

As the students are perplexed about how the principal got hold of the resignation letter, Eren decides to go get it himself when suddenly Mr. Hannes appears, equipped with a vertical maneuvering device. Hannes attempts to get the letter for Mr. Smith, who had helped him in the past, but misses the letter and lands back on the ground with a thud. Eren decides to take matters into his own hands and gears up but before he takes off, Hannes hands him a lunchbox. Eren reels toward the principal and as he nears its mouth, he feeds it the lunchbox Hannes gave him, which serves as a decoy for Eren to retrieve the letter. Eren proudly shows Mr. Smith the letter but Jean points to the principal who begins acting strange before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

A week after the principal's disappearance, Sasha and Connie find Mike and Hange who are in high spirits as the school rules have gone back to normal. Elsewhere, Rico takes a look at the dirt-stained Wall and reminisces their inseparable bond but is interrupted by the arrival of Eren and the other members of the beatification club. As they begin cleaning the Wall again, Hannes looks on from below and admires Rico and everyone's efforts to reinstate the club.

Erwin encourages everyone to fight together

At night, as the students are leaving school, they encounter Mr. Smith, who desires to have a word with them. After talking to Mr. Hannes, Erwin learns that upon getting close to the principal, Hannes heard the principal's stomach rumbling. The lunchbox Eren fed it calmed it down. Armin theorizes that the sudden change in the school rules could have been a result of this, as Mr. Smith had been disciplining Titans for a long while. Erwin agrees with Armin and believes there is someone else's hand in this as well. This makes him determined to stay and protect his students. Erwin reiterates his point about fighting to protect the school, as everyone gazes up to the sky, fascinated by the passing shooting stars.

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