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Noncanon The subject of this article comes from a gag preview of the Attack on Titan manga
Although it appeared in an official volume, it does not share continuity with the manga and should not be considered as part of its storyline.

Quote1 And so, the fate of humanity is entrusted-- to its most powerful stage entertainer! Quote2
— Mikarin's rise to stardom begins[1]

Mikarin (みかりん Mikarin?) is an idol of the Survey Corps appearing in the gag preview of Volume 10 in Volume 9 of the Attack on Titan manga.


Mikarin is a fairly tall, physically fit, and very muscular teenage girl with chin-length black hair. Her body is extremely well-toned, with little, if any, in the way of body fat along with muscles lined throughout her arms, legs, and abs. Mikarin also has a small scar below her right eye.

As an idol, Mikarin dresses in a frilled skirt and top revealing her devastating abdominal muscles.


Mikarin possesses a single-minded sense of resolve and has a particular interest in Eren. However, she is prone to doing surprisingly rash things like trying to immediately cut down people she does not like.[1]


As the most powerful member of the Survey Corps Idol Unit, Mikarin is a singer and dancer of devastating talent, capable of mesmerizing even the Titans. Her toned musculature speaks to her physical strength and prowess, the key to her blood-splattering dance masterpiece of a career. Her special talent is slicing meat, and she possesses a reach of 173 cm.[1]


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