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Mikasa's mother (ミカサの母 Mikasa no haha?)[2] was the mother of Mikasa Ackerman and wife of Ackerman. She and her family lived in a forest near Shiganshina District.


Mikasa's mother was a woman of Asian heritage, appearing to be in her mid-thirties. She had black hair reaching just below her shoulders with bangs that parted in the middle, and sometimes her hair was held up in a small bun. She had gray eyes, with a tired but calm expression. The appearance of her informal clothing suggests that she was a commoner - wearing dark pants and a white button down.


She appeared to be a kind and loving mother, holding value in keeping with tradition. When her and Mikasa's lives were threatened, she quickly turned into a fierce mother, trying to do whatever was necessary to protect Mikasa.


Grisha found Mikasa's mother and her husband's corpses

While waiting for Dr. Yeager to arrive, she had been bandaging her daughter's arm. While telling her about the symbol of their clan, she told Mikasa that one day, she will pass it down to her children.[3] Which prompted Mikasa to ask her about where babies came from. After hearing someone knock, her husband went to open the door assuming it was Dr. Yeager. It turned out it was not him, but a group of human traffickers who intended to sell both her and her daughter on the black market. Her husband was quickly killed by them at their door. Worried for her daughter's safety, she placed herself between the intruders and her daughter. She attempted to fight back, but was unintentionally killed by one of the men.

The intruders then kidnapped Mikasa, but were killed soon after by Eren and Mikasa herself.


Royal Government arc

Mikasa remembers her parents

When Captain Levi Ackerman speaks about Kenny Ackerman, he asks Mikasa if she was possibly related to him. Mikasa retells that when her parents were alive they told her that her father's family, the Ackerman bloodline, was persecuted inside the cities and that her Asian mother's family lost a place to live inside the cities as well, possibly because of her race. Mikasa then states that her parents met as fellow people who had been driven into the mountains and out of the cities and got married. She claims that her father never knew why the Ackermans were discriminated against and that they were not of a different race like her mother was.[4]


Mikasa's mother's statistics as of year 850[1]:

Love of family


  • Mikasa Ackerman - Her only child, she was able to pass on her clan's mark before she died. She lost her life trying to protect Mikasa from human traffickers.
  • Ackerman - Her loving husband, together they lived a simple life with their daughter in their cabin in the woods.
  • Grisha Yeager - Their trusted doctor who was willing to make the trip to their home for examinations.