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The Military Police Brigade (憲兵団 Kenpeidan?) is the most prestigious branch of the military due to their work, which allows citizens to live safely within the inner Wall and access to abundant resources. Therefore, it has higher authority over other military sectors. In reality, however, it is the most corrupt military branch due to a general lack of oversight. Due to their misuse and abuse of power, the Military Police Brigade is also at odds with the Garrison and especially with the Survey Corps.


The Military Police Brigade is the primary police force within human territories and usually are armed with rifles. Since members very rarely come in contact with Titans, they frequently scoff at the efforts made by the Survey Corps to fight and defeat them; as a whole, the Military Police often view the branch as worthless and several efforts have been made to permanently disband them. Soldiers in the Military Police are also in charge of tax collection and land distribution.


The Military Police Brigade is intended to be an elite unit made of the most skilled soldiers due to its rigorous standards. However, the reality is that it is a lazy and corrupt system that selfishly benefits from the powers granted to it, with these powers being constantly abused and taken advantage of.

Although some officers genuinely work to make the Military Police how they are perceived by the general public as being the best of the best in military soldiers, the majority view themselves as better than citizens or other members of the military and openly threaten/mock others that question their authority. Like with the case of Xavi Inocencio, the Military Police are known to occasionally take note of exceptional students from the Training Academy and make them official members before the full three year training period is completed.[1]

Many officers are lenient with more well-trained students and are willing to ignore behavior that would jeopardize their standing.[2] In the case where family members are involved, nepotism is not unknown to happen as family and friends of Military Police members have been seen receiving positions and ranks merely due to association.


Military Police Brigade


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