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The Military Police Regiment (憲兵団 Kenpeidan?) is the most prestigious military sector due to their work, which allows citizens to live safely within the inner Wall and results in abundant resources. Therefore, it has higher authority over the other military sectors. However, in reality, it is the most corrupted military sector due to a lack of oversight compared to the others in the military. Due to their misuse and abuse of power, the Military Police Regiment is also at odds with the Garrison and especially with the Scout Regiment. Only the top ten alumni from cadet squads can apply for the Military Police Regiment. However, according to the conversation between Hitch Dreyse and Boris Feulner, there are other (illicit) ways to get in the sector such as fraternization, favoritism, etc.[1]



Currently Publicly Available Information - Military Police Regiment Pt 2

The Military Police Regiment is the primary police force within human territory. Not only do they maintain order, they serve as the king's guard. Since they do not normally come in contact with Titans, they usually carry firearms such as rifles instead of ODM gear. They are also in charge of tax collection and land distribution. They usually abuse these duties to exploit resources and food from civilians.[citation needed]

During the mass destruction being caused by Eren Jaeger and Annie Leonhart in the Stohess District, the Military Police's task of guarding the Scout Regiment is abandoned. Nile Dawk orders the Military Police to evacuate all civilians.[2]

Primary duties also include supervising of the Cadet Corps, monitoring the Garrison, and directing fire-fighting operations.[1] They are also responsible for the arrest and detainment of political criminals and major offenders. The Military Police is given the priority during investigations that involve nobility or the royal family.



Currently Publicly Available Information - Military Police Regiment Pt 1

The Military Police Regiment is an organization with 2,000 members, with direct command over 3,000 additional personnel from the Garrison. This brings their total potential manpower to 5,000 soldiers. Their forces are divided between the major Districts, with 200 officers assigned per District.[3]


The Military Police Regiment is intended to be an elite unit made of the most skilled soldiers due to its rigorous standards. The reality, however, is a lazy, corrupt system that selfishly benefits from the powers granted to it, with these powers being abused and taken unnecessarily advantage of. Though they are from the top ten graduates from the cadet squads, they are inexperienced as they only stay in the safety of Wall Sina and never directly engage in battle with Titans.[citation needed]

Military Police Ep23

Soldiers drink and gamble while on-duty

The senior officers have been seen spending all their time gambling and drinking while leaving recruits to do all the work. According to Marlo Freudenberg, they also pilfer taxes and misappropriate land. This corruption is well-known with many people (even to Wall Sina citizens) criticizing their lack of care for anyone other than themselves. Refugees and forced laborers (called producers) hold simmering hostility against them.[citation needed]

Dennis picks Marlo to do his work

MP recruits are left doing most of the work

However, many cadets still dream of joining the Military Police Regiment, because it will allow them to have the most authority and receive the highest pay. Also, most policemen have relatively little experience fighting Titans as compared to the Scout Regiment or the Garrison Regiment. This, together with corruption, loose discipline, contempt from public, abuse of power makes this military branch the most incompetent out of the three.[4]

However, it is later revealed that the King becomes tougher on the Military Police for their lack of diligence in dealing with their corruption, lack of discipline, pilfering of taxes, and mismanagement of lands. He orders them to assist both the Scout Regiment and the Garrison in looking for the other two traitors in collaboration with Annie. By the end, all three factions have banded together to help rescue Eren and Ymir from Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover.[5]

Interior Police

Interior Military Policemen tortured Nick

Djel Sannes and Ralph do the government's dirty work

The Interior Police are first introduced through Djel Sannes and Ralph, who belong to the First Interior Squad and are responsible for the torture and murder of Pastor Nick. They normally operate out of the capital[6] and do not appear to fall under the normal command structure of the Military Police as Nile Dawk seems to be unaware of their assignments or their equipment.[7] The Interior Police is shrouded in mystery, and is involved in numerous conspiracies to maintain order within the Walls. The Interior Police operates independently from the main body of the Military Police Regiment and they have their own command structure and duties. No one is officially in charge of them and they are above the law.

They do the dirty work of the government, such as eliminating those with dissenting thoughts[8] or hunting down those who know too much.[7]

A few nights after the fall of Wall Maria, the Interior Police make an appearance when Rod Reiss goes to claim his illegitimate daughter and last living heir, Historia Reiss. They kill Alma, Rod's former mistress, and would have killed Historia, but Rod saves her by coming up with an alternative. She would be allowed to go free if she lived a quiet life under a new name.[8] During the Coup d'état, the Interior Police have been suppressed by the Garrison on orders from Dhalis Zachary and Dot Pyxis.

The Interior Police also have a sub-division known as the Anti-Personnel Control Squad,[9] which uses uniquely designed firearms in conjuncture with omni-directional mobility gear to attack the Scout Regiment.[6]

Anti-Personnel Control Squad

Main article: Anti-Personnel Control Squad (Anime)
Kenny addresses soldiers

The formation of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad

The Anti-Personnel Control Squad was a branch of the Interior Police, officially created for opposing the Scout Regiment. However, Captain Kenny Ackermann confessed that was a convenient justification to get approval from the Assembly, and that their true purpose was to fulfill a dream of obtaining power that rivaled a god.[10]

The squad was created two years after the fall of Wall Maria[10] and makes their first public appearance when Kenny attacks the Scouts while they are trying to secretly deliver Historia Reiss and Eren Jaeger to Dot Pyxis. Kenny himself kills Nifa and his squad kills Abel[6] and Keiji as part of the ambush.[11]

Kenny's squad pursues Levi

The Anti-Personnel Control Squad pursues Levi

The Anti-Personnel Squad then attempts to take out Levi, who manages to kill several members of the squad and as well as wounding Kenny.[11] The squad then regroups in the Underground Chapel near the Reiss family estate, acting as a guard for Rod Reiss[9] while he tries to convince his daughter Historia to inherit the Founding Titan. They face the Scouts again and lose several members in the close quarters fighting. On Caven's orders, the squad retreats to their final defensive post.[12]

After Rod Reiss transforms into a Titan, the squad tries to reunite with Kenny as the cavern collapses around them, and they are crushed to death.[13] Kenny escapes,[14] but is mortally wounded and dies shortly after. With Kenny and the majority of the squad members dead, the Anti-Personnel Squad is all but extinct.[10]


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