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Mina Carolina (ミーナ・カロライナ Mīna Karoraina?) was a graduate of the 104th Training Corps who fought during the battle for Trost District.


Mina was a young girl with a slender figure. She was considerably shorter than her comrades, even shorter than Historia. Mina had thick black hair that extended past her shoulders. Her hair was parted in the middle and tied in loose pigtails. On missions, Mina dressed in the standard trainee uniform. When off duty, Mina wore a long-sleeved blouse and dark pants.


Mina was a cheerful girl, seen when she happily took Sasha Blouse up on her offer of meat that would be restored when they retook their land,[2] but she was also rather brave when she went after Eren Yeager even after Thomas Wagner was eaten by an abnormal Titan.[3]


104th Training Corps arc

On the first night of her days in the 104th Training Corps, Mina joins a handful of other trainees in watching Sasha Blouse run laps around the training grounds as punishment for eating during their opening ceremony. As they go to eat dinner, the trainees discover that Eren Yeager is a survivor from Shiganshina District and begin to bombard him with question about its downfall.[4]

Battle of Trost District arc

Mina asks to have some of the meat Sasha took

Mina agrees with the others to have some of the meat Sasha took

After graduation, Mina is seen cleaning the cannons with her comrades atop Wall Rose. She insinuates that she is interested in joining the Survey Corps due to Eren's motivational speech the night of their graduation, as many others are as well. She accepts Sasha's meat despite it being stolen from the senior officers' private stock, and witnesses the sudden return of the Colossus Titan.[5]

When the Colossus Titan appears outside Trost District, Mina and her fellow trainees are knocked off the wall by a blast of steam. Eren orders them to attack the Colossus Titan, but she is frozen in fear.[6]

The 34th Squad ready to fight the Titans

Mina moves out with her squad

The Titan disappears and Mina is assigned to the middle guard with Eren, Armin ArlertMylius ZeramuskiNac Tias, and Thomas Wagner. They are positioned as part of the front guard due to the number of Titans. Eren begins talking about how killing Titans that got in Trost will improve their rank, and she joins him, indicating that she is also signing up for the Survey Corps.[7]

Armins comrades death

Mina is eaten by the Peering Titan

The squad's high spirits are immediately dashed when an abnormal Titan attacks them, swallowing Thomas whole. Eren immediately tries to attack the Titan but is left critically injured by a second Titan, leaving the squad in shock. Mina is spurred to action when a Titan begins heading towards the squad, but as she is attempting to engage it one of her wires is grabbed by another Titan. She is flung into a wall and is unable to recover before being devoured.[8]

Armin would later report her demise to the remaining members of the 104th Training Corps, saying she died valiantly in the line of duty.[9]


Royal Government arc

While speaking to Historia Reiss under the Reiss Chapel, Eren Yeager mentions Mina as being among the victims he and Grisha Yeager are responsible for killing by stealing the Titan's power.[10]