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The Mirror Man (鏡男 Kagami Otoko?) is a hypnotist of Shiganshina District who appears in Mikasa Ackermann's experience in another life.[1]


The Mirror Man is dressed in an extravagant suit and cape with a reflective, mirror-like mask covering his entire face.


As a hypnotist, the man prides himself on his ways of controlling others as a part of his hypnosis performances during festivals.

Alternate reality

Lost in the cruel world

The man tells the girl to kill him

The Mirror Man is present during a festival in Shiganshina District. He grabs a little girl passing by, and urges the crowd to look at him as he attempts to turn her into a murderer, introducing himself as the Mirror Man. The girl begs him to let her go so that she can see her friend, and the man agrees at first, but then tells her that he does not want to be made a liar.

He suggests for the girl to kill him right away, since hypnotizing her would take more time. At the ring of a bell, the masked man warns the girl that she will not be able to meet her friend anymore. She is shocked to learn that the man knows her friend, and starts to question him of his identity. Handing her a knife, the man says that he knows that she is lost, and is here in this world she created because she could not accept her friend's death, telling her that she cannot save him.

The man lies stabbed

The girl decides to stab him after some hesitation. The festival-goers are shocked to find the man lifeless on the ground with a knife in his chest, and blood all over the girl. All of a sudden, the man gets up and reveals that he is actually unharmed, showing the knife to be retractable, and the blood to be that of a chicken, then rejoices on how he succeeded in turning the girl into a killer, as the crowd starts applauding.[1]