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Moblit (モブリット Moburitto?) is a 2nd year student at Attack Junior High School and Hange Zoë's assistant.


Moblit has short, smooth brown hair parted down the middle and light brown eyes. He wears the standard male uniform of the school.


Moblit appears to be a loyal person, shown by him always standing by his upperclassman's side, despite her reckless behavior around Titans and the constant distress it causes him.


Moblit is first seen following his upperclassman, Hange Zoë, into the Scout Regiment club room. When she starts talking to a group of first year students about gruesome experiments on Titans, Moblit worriedly calls Hange out for her behavior.[1]

Moblit worries over Hange

Moblit is growing tired of Hange's naming ceremonies when she introduces her two captured Titans as Sawney and Beane to a group of first years. Moblit is later seen distraught and running after Hange, following the latter setting loose the two Titans to chase after her.[2]

In the school's Sports Day, Hange participates and wins in the first race using Sawney. When the Titan attempts to bite Hange's head, Moblit fears for her life.[3]

In the Biology Club, Moblit is present while Hange experiments on her Titans by tickling them, panicking when one attempts to bite Hange's head. Seeing the face Beane is making, Hange tells Moblit to sketch it.[4]


  • Hange Zoë - As her assistant, Moblit cares for Hange, constantly reminding her of how dangerous her actions are when around Titans. He fears for her life and is always distressed trying to keep his reckless upperclassman out of danger.