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Quote1 I have people I want to bring back too. Hundreds of them. People I've known since I joined the Corps. But you know how it is. Nobody stays by your side forever. Quote2
— Hange remembers Moblit's sacrifice.

Moblit Berner (モブリット・バーナー Moburitto Bānā?) was a veteran member of the Scout Regiment and the executive officer (分隊副長 Buntai Fukuchō?) of the Scout Regiment's Fourth Squad, under the command of Hange Zoë. He also served as Hange's assistant and messenger.


Moblit had short smooth brown hair parted down the middle and light brown eyes. He was of average height and build, but often carried a worried expression due to his superior officer's wild and impulsive personality. Moblit wore the typical uniform of a member of the Scout Regiment with a green button up shirt underneath, but he was sometimes seen wearing black pants with a white button down. On missions, he wore the Scout Regiment's green cloak.


He came across as an intelligent and responsible person, which may be the reason he was tasked to keep his overzealous and eccentric superior out of trouble. Much of the time, this left him in a state of near-panic, having to constantly remind Hange to be more careful or yanking them to safety. That he remained at Hange's side constantly suggests he was a loyal person, regardless of the stress involved with being under their command.


A Choice with No Regrets: Part Two

Moblit is among the many scouts present when Levi, Isabel Magnolia, and Furlan Church are introduced to the Scout Regiment as new recruits.

He and Hange Zoë later watch as Levi demonstrates his ODM gear skills to Flagon. He notes with awe that Levi was not formally trained, thrilling Hange.[1]

Ilse's Notebook: Notes from a Scout Regiment Member

Hange's request

Moblit trying to stop Hange from yelling at Erwin

Moblit takes part in the 49th Exterior Scouting Mission in Wall Maria, in the year 850. During the expedition outside the Walls, he tries, but fails, to calm down Hange when their proposal to attempt to capture a Titan alive is rejected by Erwin Smith. Moblit then follows Hange and watches as Hange leaves the tent and angrily confronts Oruo Bozad after he annoys them.

When Miche Zacharius sights a Titan in the vicinity, Moblit fails to stop Hange, who runs ahead before the other Scouts to meet the Titan.[2]

Eve of the Counterattack arc

Bean Being Captured

Moblit stressing over Hange's studies

Moblit first appears as Hange Zoë's assistant, standing nearby as Hange attempts to establish communication with the captured Titans whom they named Sawney and Beane. He is immensely panicked by Hange's seemingly reckless attempts to get the two Titans to respond to them, repeatedly telling Hange to step back.[3]

Hange panics at the loss of Sonny and Bean

Moblit stands by Hange as they panic over the loss of Sawney and Beane

Some time later, Hange purposefully jabs Beane in the heart with a long pole in order to determine the Titan's reaction to pain, screaming while doing so. Moblit is worried by their reaction, to which they respond that seeing Beane in such pain is what is causing them to scream and be so upset. Later on, another attempt at establishing communication with Sawney nearly causes him to bite Hange's head off, and Moblit drags them away in fear while exclaiming that Hange will most certainly die if caution is not exercised. After being once again summoned to the grounds where the Titans were being kept, Hange is in disarray at the sight of their murder. As Hange screams, Moblit attempts to calm them down from the side lines.[3]

Moblit takes part in Hange and Squad Levi's experiments on Eren's Titan abilities. When Eren accidentally transforms into a Titan while eating, Moblit and Hange see the explosion and go to the source of the transformation to see what happened. Hange immediately burns themselves trying to inspect Eren's Titan, and Moblit frantically tells them that they are being reckless.[4]

The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission arc

Hange and Moblit show discontent with their defeat

Hange and Moblit show discontent with their defeat

Moblit takes part in the 57th exterior scouting mission. He is assigned to the soldiers lying in wait for the Female Titan and is among them after she has been captured. As Levi intimidates the Female and tells her of his plans to dismember her real body, the Female Titan lets out a deafeningly loud roar which causes Moblit and Hange to cover their ears as the Titan shrieks. After the roar, Moblit wonders aloud if it was a death rattle, and is surprised to see numerous Titans begin to swarm the area and attack the female. When they begin to devour her, Commander Erwin Smith orders all squads to engage the Titans and defend the Female to the death. Moblit fights relentlessly among his comrades but to no avail. The Commander, realizing that all is lost, orders his soldiers to pull back and return to Calaneth District.[5]

Assault on Stohess arc

The soldiers watch Eren fight Annie

The soldiers watch Eren fight Annie in Stohess

Moblit takes part in the Scout Regiment's attempt to capture Annie Leonhart in Stohess District after she is revealed to be the Female Titan. His and Hange's squad is tasked with setting up a special target restraining weapon to capture Annie if she attempts to flee. Although the trap successfully snares Annie, she manages to break free and continue on.[6]

Once Eren enters the fray to engage Annie in his Titan form, Moblit and the rest of his squad follow the two fighters as they progress through the district. He worriedly notes that their operation might destroy the entire district before Annie is captured, but Hange simply reminds him of Erwin's order to capture Annie at any cost. The battle eventually leads the soldiers to the base of Wall Sina, where Annie is finally captured.[7]

Clash of the Titans arc

As Moblit and Hange are overseeing the extraction of Annie's crystallized form, they are alerted to the fact that there is a a Titan within the Wall. As the soldiers look on in awe, a stunned Moblit asks Hange for orders.

After the Titan is successfully covered, Moblit is present as Hange questions Nick about the Titan. When Hange holds Nick over the edge of the Wall, he attempts to stop them, only to be told to stay back. When Hange throws Nick back onto the Wall, Moblit approaches Hange and attempts to speak with them.[8]

Moblit harangues Hange

Moblit tries to get Hange to pack up

That evening, the Scout Regiment prepares to depart Stohess District to investigate the sighting of Titans in Wall Rose. Moblit catches Hange still working on their research when the Scouts are supposed to leave in five minutes and tries to get them to hurry.[9]

When the Scouts stop in Ehrmich District, he joins the soldiers Hange takes to Utgard Castle on a mission to retrieve Historia Reiss.[10] After the rescue is complete, he withdraws to the top of Wall Rose along with the rest of the Scouts. Garrison soldiers meet up with them and report that they have not found any breach in the Wall. Concerned, Hange discusses with Moblit the possibility of alternative methods the Titans could have used to enter; digging, for example.[11]

Moblit attacking the Colossal Titan

Moblit prepares to attack the Colossal Titan

Their discussion is disrupted by the revelation that Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover are the Armored and Colossal Titans and their ensuing transformation into their Titan forms.[11] Moblit joins the Scouts in attacking the Colossal Titan, which does not initially appear to be a difficult opponent aside from its size, but then the Colossal emits a powerful burst of scalding steam that drives the Scouts back.[12]

Hange leaves most of the squads with them watching the Colossal Titan in case Bertholdt emerges and takes the rest, including Moblit, after the Armored Titan. They find Reiner busy fighting Eren, who has taken on his Titan form. Moblit watches the battle as Eren gradually gains an advantage over Reiner thanks to Mikasa and Hange's assistance. Before Eren can win however, Reiner roars, signaling Bertholdt to fall down from his position on the Wall.[12] Moblit is among the soldiers badly burned from the explosion caused by the landing of the Colossal Titan.[13]

Later that same day, Erwin arrives with reinforcements and the lifts necessary to move the horses over the Wall for a rescue mission, since Reiner and Bertholdt have successfully kidnapped Eren. By this time Moblit has recovered enough that he can stand and report to Erwin. Hange, too weak to get up, grabs Moblit's leg and asks him to get a map, which Hange uses to explain Reiner and Bertholdt's destination to the rescue party.[13]

Moblit decides to go to Ragako

Moblit decides to go to Ragako in Hange's place

Moblit watches the rescuers leave and then notices Hange crawling away. Hange asks for a horse to go to the village where they found the Titan that could not walk. Seeing their condition, Moblit goes to investigate in their place and tells Hange to stay put.[14]

He arrives with a few other Scouts in Ragako and observes that the village has been destroyed, but there is no blood, nor are there any bodies. If the villagers escaped, then the Titans were having a field day in a completely empty village, which he finds difficult to believe. He also notes that the horses are still in their stable and have not been taken.[15]

Moblit prevents another Scout from attacking

Moblit prevents another Scout from attacking

One of the Scouts lets Moblit know he has found the Titan trapped inside of a house, and another soldier brings him a portrait of Conny Springer's parents. Moblit holds it up while looking at the Titan. It quivers and attempts to get up, causing him to drop the portrait in surprise. The Scout draws his blades to kill it, but Moblit stops him. The Titan settles down again, still immobile. Moblit picks up the portrait, now holding it upside-down, and notices the resemblance between Conny's mother and the face of the Titan.[15]

Royal Government arc

Hange tries to pull Eren out of his Titan

Moblit sketches Eren

Following Hange's recovery from their injuries, Moblit resumes his duties as their assistant. During an experiment to test Eren's endurance while in his Titan form, Moblit is tasked with recording the tests. During the final experiment, Hange is forced to physically remove Eren from his Titan after he collapses, while Moblit makes a sketch of the boy's heavily disfigured face.

Soon after, Moblit receives word that Pastor Nick has been murdered, and immediately notifies Hange. The two visit Nick's room, but are barred entrance by two members of the Military Police, who claim that they will interfere with the crime scene. When Hange's protests prompt one of the guards to get physical with them, Moblit quickly separates the two, formally introducing himself and Hange as members of the Scout Regiment. After hearing the policeman's explanation of what happened to Nick, the two depart. As they leave, Hange tells Moblit that it was the policemen who killed Nick, not a burglar.

Moblit and Hange travel to Squad Levi's hideout to inform them of Nick's death. Once Hange's story is concluded, Nifa arrives with a message from Erwin, which prompts Levi to order everyone to evacuate. Once they are safely away, Levi reveals to them that the Scout Regiment has been ordered to hand over Eren and Historia, and that a freeze has been placed on all future Scout activity. Nifa also reveals that the Military Police paid Erwin a visit shortly after the decree, and Hange decides that they and Moblit will go to attempt to aid the commander.[16]

Moblit provides a sketch of Rod Reiss

Moblit's sketch of Rod Reiss

After visiting Erwin and informing him of Eren and Historia's kidnapping, as well as Hange's theory that Rod Reiss plans to consume Eren and steal his Titan powers, Moblit and Hange regroup with Levi's squad once again to torture Djel Sannes, who Levi has kidnapped. After learning from Sannes that the Reiss family is the true royal family, Moblit provides a sketch of Rod Reiss's face to Levi's squad to help them identify him.[17]

Moblit and Hange travel to visit Erwin again, bringing news of the Reiss family's true status. Erwin gives them the results of his investigation into the Reiss family's property, but before they can continue, Erwin receives word that he has been accused of organizing a murder. As Erwin goes to face his accusers, he orders Moblit and Hange to leave the city immediately.[18]

Moblit takes part in Hange's plan to use Flegel Reeves to trick members of the Military Police into admitting that the MPs murdered Dimo Reeves. After they have confessed, Hange and Moblit ambush and capture them.[19] He also accompanies Hange to bring Squad Levi the news that the military's coup has been successful.[20]

Together, they travel to the Reiss family's chapel,[21] where they launch a full-scale assault on the cavern hidden underneath. During the assault, Moblit helps fire flares at the enemy to provide cover for his fellow Scouts.[22] Hange is injured during the battle, and Moblit is forced to carry them as they advance deeper into the cavern.

Moblit, Hange, and Armin get clear of the chapel

Moblit, Hange, and Armin get clear of the chapel

The Scouts eventually find their way blocked by a barricade set up by the MPs, and before they can figure out a way to circumnavigate it, they notice the light from a Titan transformation deeper into the cavern. The resulting tremors caused by the force of the transformation shake the barricade loose, and Levi orders Moblit and Armin to take Hange to safety while the rest of the squad continues on.

As the three are exiting the chapel, a sinkhole begins to form as the underground cavern collapses, which they are nearly caught in. The three meet up with Levi's squad after they escape the cavern and follow Rod's Titan as it makes its way to Orvud District, meeting up with Erwin's forces en route.[23]

Arriving in Orvud, Hange and Erwin construct a plan to use explosives to blow apart Rod's nape after he reaches the district, and Moblit is assigned to gather together the explosives for the plan. As the Titan reaches the Wall, Moblit and the scouts douse themselves with water to resist its heat, and after Eren has blown up its neck they take to the skies to begin cutting pieces of its destroyed head to ensure that its nape has been destroyed.[24]

Following the battle in Orvud, Moblit attends Historia's coronation as queen of the Walls.[25]

Two months after Historia's coronation, Moblit is one of the soldiers present to witness the newly-created Executioner from Hell kill its first Titan. He and his fellow soldiers celebrate the success of Hange's experiments with Eren's hardening abilities.[26]

Return to Shiganshina arc

Moblit is present during the scouts' expedition to Shiganshina District. When the Scouts are caught in a battle with the Beast Titan and its forces, Hange's squad is sent with Levi's squad to engage the Armored Titan. After the Titan is subdued by Eren's Titan, Moblit and his fellow scouts launch a barrage of Thunder Spears into the Titan's nape, blowing it up.[27] As Moblit helps prepare another round of Thunder Spears, the squads are caught off guard by the Armored Titan suddenly roaring. On Hange's orders the squads evacuate the immediate vicinity.

Moblit pushes Hange to safety

Moblit pushes Hange to safety

When Bertholdt emerges from the barrel, Moblit and Hange observe from a distance as Armin attempts to negotiate with him. When negotiations break down and Bertholdt flees, Hange and Moblit try to pursue him. However, they realize too late that Bertholdt is planning on transforming and they are both caught in the explosion as Moblit desperately tries to reach Hange.[28] He manages to reach Hange in time to push them into a nearby well to shield Hange from the explosion, but is caught in the blast himself and killed.[29]

During the Battle of Shiganshina, as Erwin Smith begins to lament the dwindling hopes of his dream, Moblit stands among the many fallen Scout Regiment comrades in Erwin's mind, wanting to know if their deaths had meaning.[30]

As Hange explains to a distraught Mikasa that there are hundreds of people they wish to bring back to life, Hange remembers Moblit's sacrifice.[29]


Return to Shiganshina arc

Fallen Scouts wanting to know if their deaths had meaning

Erwin's fallen comrades wanting to know if their deaths had meaning

Later in the Battle of Shiganshina, as Erwin Smith begins to lament the dwindling hopes of his dream, Moblit stands among the many fallen Scouts in Erwin's mind, wanting to know if their deaths had meaning.

Hange remembers Moblit's death as they explain to a distraught Mikasa that there are hundreds of people they wish to bring back to life.

War for Paradis arc

When Hange decides to oppose Eren's plan to destroy the world beyond the Walls, Moblit is one of the soldiers remembered while Hange tries to convince Jean and Mikasa that their fallen comrades would not support destroying the world.[31]

Levi's vision of Erwin, Hange, Moblit, and Petra

Levi's final vision of Mobilt and the fallen Scout Regiment

When Hange sacrifices their life to ensure their comrades' escape from the Rumbling in Odiha, Moblit is among the souls of fallen Scouts to welcome them in death. He, Miche, and Erwin are the first to greet them, and Moblit helps Hange up from the ground.[32]

After Eren Jaeger's defeat, Moblit and the fallen Scout Regiment are shown saluting to Levi in his vision one final time to thank him for his long accomplishments over the years before vanishing.[33]


Moblit was the executive officer of the Fourth Squad of the Scout Regiment and, being a senior member within this division, he had survived many expeditions alongside his immediate superior, Hange. He also possessed decent scientific abilities, serving as Hange's assistant during their experiments. He was also a talented artist, frequently producing detailed sketches at the behest of his superiors.


  • Hange Zoë - Moblit acted as Hange's personal assistant and often supervised them throughout projects or helped them with certain tasks. He easily got tired of Hange's bold gestures, sometimes reprimanding them for their hazardous actions.


  • In an interview, Hajime Isayama mentioned that out of all the veterans of the Scout Regiment, Moblit drinks the most due to his "unfortunate" position.[34]