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Moment of Departure (出立の刻 Shuttatsu no Toki?) is the 2nd chapter of the 16th volume and the 58th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


It is the day before the expedition outside the Wall and the residents of Shiganshina hear about the plan of the Survey Corps to travel outside the Walls. With the memory of the destruction and carnage caused fifteen years ago still fresh for some, many are unsure if the expedition will ultimately be worth the effort.


Kuklo and Sharle

Kuklo and Sharle reflect about the upcoming expedition

After the rain lets up during the night, Kuklo goes out and continues to practice with the vertical maneuvering equipment. He is found by Sharle and takes her to the top of a nearby tree. He goes on to say that the expedition will occur the following day; when Sharle asks what he will do after the expedition, Kuklo admits he does not know but is sure he will figure it out.

Kuklo swears to avenge the fallen

Kuklo promises to a citizen that the Survey Corps will succeed

As the residents of Shiganshina District get word of an expedition by the Survey Corps, many are unsure if it will be worth the effort. The soldiers come out and the citizens are stunned to see a majority of the members are teens, with Carlo and only a few other adults serving as the leaders. As Kuklo and Cardina take it in and reflect what may happen outside the Wall, they hear a disturbance from one of the onlookers. The man breaks down and asks them to avenge his family who were killed by Mammon in the rampage fifteen years prior; Kuklo helps him up and promises they will. This rallies the other residents and they cheer on the soldiers as they reach the gate. Carlo orders the gate opened and the soldiers ride out, beginning the expedition.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Kuklo
  2. Sharle Inocencio
  3. Jorge Pikale (flashback)
  4. Carlo Pikale (flashback)
  5. Cardina Baumeister (flashback)
  6. Xenophon Harkimo (flashback)
  7. Rosa Carlstead (flashback)
  8. Kai Zimmer (flashback)
  9. Felix Aufrecht (flashback)
  10. Hugo Stehler (flashback)
  11. Ivo Hummel (flashback)
  12. Xavi Inocencio
  13. Kurz Mauer


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