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Moonlit Oath (月下の約束 Gekka no Yakusoku?) is the 3rd and final chapter of the 1st volume and the 3rd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


Sharle makes her way to Kuklo's cell, where she holds her knife towards him but her knife slips out of her hand. Kuklo helps her retrieve it and uses it to stab himself. Sharle begins to have doubts if Kuklo is really a Titan's child due to Kuklo's ability to speak. Furthermore, Kuklo begins to express pain from food deprivation. Sharle helps him out by giving him food to eat. Sharle asks for his name and they exchange introductions. Sharle pays Kuklo occasional visits, teaching him about the outside world. She shows that her fear had blossomed into newfound comfort towards Kuklo. Kuklo becomes curious about Sharle's findings and Sharle is resolute on showing him. However, Kuklo is chained up and not permitted to leave the household, so he develops a plan for his sweat, blood, and urine to corrode his chains.

Two years later, Sharle reveals what her family has in store for her. Kuklo urges Sharle to leave with him and reassures her.


Sharle prepares to kill Kuklo

Driven by a sense of duty and want for a meaningful existence, Sharle Inocencio makes her way towards Kuklo's cell as he sits in silence, chained to the floor. She opens the door, poised to stab him, in the hopes that she can save her town from the "Titan's child." As he looks at her she hesitates, unprepared for what she saw. As she prepares to stab him, the knife slips out of her hand onto the floor. Before she can get to it, Kuklo picks it up and places it firmly in her hand; placing it directly in the center of his own body. Shocked, she questions why he would want to die. Then states she came down there to kill him, as she speaks he repeats "resist" several times. In disbelief that a Titan can speak. After he begins repeating "Xavi," she begins to wonder if he is really a Titan at all.

He is suddenly brought to his knees from terrible hunger pain. Not knowing much else he begins repeating "resist" again. Sharle hurries out of the room, leaving her knife behind. Before long she comes back with a basket full of food. As his mouth waters, she places it down in front of him. As he eats, she wonders if he is a Titan. Based on the things she is seen and read, she believes he is just a regular human. When he finishes she asks him his name, to which he replies "Kuklo"; she then gives hers.

Sharle warms up to Kuklo

As the night goes on, she wraps him in her shawl to keep him warm as they talk about Titans. She shows him a hand drawn map of all three territories, saying each Wall's name as she points to it. She mentions that humans can only live within the Walls. As Kuklo points to a "person" outside the Wall, to which she corrects him, stating that it is a Titan. He decides that in order to confirm he is a human he must meet a Titan. He asks Sharle to tell him about the outside world, realizing that is the only way to achieve his goal.

Sharle spends half a year teaching Kuklo and preparing him for the outside world. But regardless of how much knowledge he gains, it is useless as long as he remains chained up. So he develops a plan that would not arouse suspicion. It involves using sweat, blood, urine, and other things like it to slowly corrode the chains until they are weak enough for him to break free; a process that takes two years to complete. It is clear to him that Dario Inocencio and Xavi would never release him.

Kuklo asks Sharle to escape with him

Two years later while having dinner, Xavi and Dario begin discussing what to do with Kuklo. With Xavi on his way to the Training Corps, there was no need for Dario to keep him around. While Sharle is lost in her thoughts, Dario mentions that soon she will be busy too. He continues on to say that the marriage proposals are being finalized.

Back in Kuklo's cell he contemplates when would be a good time to leave. Shortly after, Sharle enters his cell. With her head kept low she begins crying, she tells him Dario's plans for both him and her. He encourages her to leave with him. She is hesitant, believing she is too weak to make such a decision. But he reaches out his hand and tells her, "Let's go together. Leave it to me." With hand in hand their plan is decided.

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