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Quote1.png My daughter...sacrified everything to earn the likes of me this armband Quote2.png
— Mr Finger's pride for his daughter.[1]

Mr. Finger (フィンガーさん Fingā-san?)[1] is the father of Pieck Finger. He is transformed into a Titan by the source of all living matter.


Human form

Mr. Finger is a middle-aged man with dark hair and beard. He is seen wearing a white shirt, a jacket and a hat.


Unlike the majority of Liberio's Eldians, Mr. Finger is a caring and affectionate father toward his daughter, as he is more concerned about her limited lifespan due to the Curse of Ymir than the advantages of her being a warrior, and he seems to treasure her enough to consider the armband that the Eldians are forced to wear as a reminder of her filial piety rather than a badge of shame.


While he was attained by a grave illness, his daughter selflessly volunteered herself to join the Warrior Unit and succeeded in earning the right to inherit the Cart Titan, this managed to save his life by providing him the necessary medicaments. However, he expressed his distress and despair by his daughter's sacrifice and foreseeable death by the Curse of Ymir.[2]


Marley arc

After the victory of Marley against the Mid-East Allied Forces, Mr. Finger greets his daughter when she comes back home.[3]

War for Paradis arc

Mr. Finger and many of the other Eldians are saved from Liberio's destruction during the Rumbling when Mr. Leonhart manages to force a Marleyan soldier to operate a train to reach Fort Salta, and responding to the suggestion of a fellow Eldian to remove his armband, Mr. Finger fondly remembers his daughter's sacrifice for his sake.[1]

He is later transformed into a Titan by the source then reverted back to human form after Mikasa Ackerman slays Eren Yeager.[4][5]