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Mr. Leonhart is the father and trainer of Annie Leonhart.[1]


Mr. Leonhart appears to be of average build. He is seen wearing a light long-sleeved shirt and dark pants.


He is a relentlessly strict trainer, not allowing his daughter to take breaks and yelling at her during the training sessions.[2][3] However, sometime before Annie's departure, he has a change of heart and apologizes to her, asking to promise him that she come back someday, assuring her that he would always be on her side.[4]


Mr. Leonhart was injured by Annie

At some point in time, Mr. Leonhart had relentlessly trained Annie from sunrise to sunset, day after day, and kept reminding her that she was born to complete her mission.[2] One day, Annie had grew sick of the strict training. She rebelled against him and repeatedly kicked his leg, giving him a limp. Mr. Leonhart expressed admiration for the powerful attacks Annie delivered and only made her training harder. He stated that she could become even stronger.[5]

The day Mr. Leonhart parted ways with Annie, he felt remorseful and admitted that he was not asking for forgiveness, but wanted to assure her that he would always be on her side, and told her to promise him that she would someday come back.[4]


Wall Sheena, Goodbye arc

During her investigation of the disappearance of Carly Stratmann, Annie thinks back to her relationship with her father, along with the relentless combat training he subjected her to, after learning of the relationship between Carly and her father, Elliot Gurnberg Stratmann.[6]


  • Annie Leonhart - Mr. Leonhart's relationship with his daughter was centered around rigorous martial arts training. He constantly told Annie that she was born into the world to complete her mission. Their relationship was one of absolute obedience. The only time Annie rebelled against him was when she was sick of her training and kicked him over and over, giving him a limp. He was still happy that Annie was able to deliver such powerful attacks and made her train harder.[7]


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