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Mr. Nile's Family Circumstances (ナイル先生の家庭の事情 Nairu-sensei no Katei no Jijō?) is the 4th chapter of the 8th volume and the 56th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


After Frieda gives Nile some flowers to celebrate the upcoming birth of his third child, rumors start swirling around that they are having an affair, much to Nile's horror. Several teachers suggest ways to rectify it, but things only keep getting worse and worse for Nile.


Nile gets into a scandal with Frieda

One day, Nile is seen in a much happier mood than usual; when Frieda asks about it, Nile mentions how his wife is expecting their third child. Frieda insists that he treat himself to celebrate the occasion, and takes him to the student garden where she picks some flowers for him to take. As Nile smiles in appreciation of the gesture, IIse secretly takes a picture of the two.

The following day, Nile is horrified to see the picture in the school newspaper and as a result, people think they are having an affair; this causes Nile's wife Marie to promptly kick him out of the house. Erwin suggests he not worry about it, and Mr. Hannes offers to write an opinion piece for the paper explaining the misunderstanding. Agreeing that would work, Nile is hopeful to put this behind him, only for Hannes to inadvertently make it worse by claiming Nile only likes older women.

Marie walks in on Nile and Erwin

Just then, Mr. Pixis arrives and tells Nile not to worry as he will take care of it; the next morning, Nile is extremely embarrassed as Pixis wrote an article claiming that Nile is in a relationship with a Titan. When Vice Principal Zackly writes another unflattering article to explain it, Nile is at his wit's end. Erwin approaches him and tells Nile to talk with his wife directly to clear the matter up with her; he helps Nile to his feet and goes with him to their house for support. After another mishap, Nile is able to get Marie to take him back; at the same time, Frieda tracks down the author of the original article and demands the school newspaper issue a retraction of the original article.

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