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Quote1.png Basically, the girl's so starry-eyed that she has no idea how worried her parents are! So, well, as her father, you see...I feel it's a bit too early to get her married. She's still young and has so much to experience.... Quote2.png
— Mr. Rall talks to Levi about his daughter.[1]

Petra's Father[2] is the father of Petra Rall, a skilled female member of Levi's former Special Operations Squad. He cheerfully spoke with the captain about a letter Petra had sent him, before learning of her death on the recent mission.[1]


Mr. Rall has short, shaggy brown hair and slightly wrinkled skin with brown eyes. He has only even been seen wearing peasant clothes, with black pants, a gray shirt, black vest, and a blue scarf. He appeared to be an aged man, around his late forties to early fifties.


Mr. Rall clearly loved his daughter Petra and was proud of her making it into the Special Operations Squad. He appeared concerned for her devotion to Levi as he wanted her to experience the fullness of life before settling down. When speaking to Levi he appeared very nervous but friendly.


The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission arc

Mr. Rall tells Levi about Petra's letter

When the Scout Regiment returns to the Walls with many casualties, which included Levi's squad member Petra Rall, many residents haze the Scout Regiment for wasting their taxes. Then, Mr. Rall appears and approaches Levi, explaining that he is concerned about Petra's sudden devotion to him. He speaks of a letter that Petra sent him and tells Levi of her excitement for joining the Special Operations Squad. Upon hearing Petra's cheerful father gleefully talk of her admiration and his concerns for her living a full life, Levi shows a dark expression as the thought of her death resonate with him.[1]


  • He and Djel Sannes share the same Japanese voice actor.