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Mrs. Ackerman was the biological mother of Mikasa Ackerman and wife of Mr. Ackerman.


Mrs. Ackerman appeared to be in her mid-thirties. She had black hair, reaching just below her shoulders with bangs that parted in the middle, ending just below her eyes. She had dark eyes, with a calm look.


She appeared to be a kind and loving mother. She held value in keeping tradition and passed down a family embroidery pattern to her daughter.


Lost in the Cruel World arc


Mrs. Ackerman tells Mikasa about the embroidery style

In the year 844, Mrs. Ackerman is pregnant at home with her husband and daughter. Mrs. Ackerman teaches her daughter an embroidery pattern that has been passed down her family for generations. When Mikasa finishes she asks her mother where babies come from and she sheepishly tells Mikasa to ask her father. Later, Dr. Yeager comes to give Mrs. Ackerman a checkup and brings his son Eren along with him.[1]

Later in the day, Mikasa and Eren return from an adventure in the woods and tell the adults that they found three bodies in the woods. Sometime later, Mr. Ackerman tells his family that the Military Police reported that the bodies found in the woods belonged to slave traders and questions about what they were doing in the woods. Suddenly, Mrs. Ackerman and her husband both feel a wave of discomfort come over them.[2]

A few weeks later, during one of her checkups, Mrs. Ackerman and Dr. Yeager start to laugh as they overhear Eren telling Mikasa that babies are delivered to mothers' stomachs by a huge bird. Mrs. Ackerman states that the two children have grown as close as siblings.[3]

Sometime later, the Ackerman family is having a meal when Mr. Ackerman notices Mikasa sighing. He asks her what is wrong and she replies that it is nothing. His wife tells him that Mikasa is sad because she has to wait nine more days before she can see Eren again.[4]

A few days later Mrs. Ackerman catches a fever and is bedridden for three days so Mr. Ackerman sends a letter calling for Dr. Yeager. Dr. Yeager tells the two that her fever is going down and that he will start visiting more frequently to make sure the baby is healthy.[5]

After a later visit from Dr. Yeager, Mrs. Ackerman notices that Dr. Yeager has forgotten his hat. [6]

During the winter, Dr. Yeager reveals that Mrs. Ackerman has pregnancy toxemia which might harm her baby should her condition get worse. He suggests that the Ackerman family should move to a home near his own in Shiganshina District, so he can come right away in case something happens. Five days later, the Ackermans with the help of Dr. Yeager move to Shiganshina.[7]

Grisha delivered Mrs

Mrs. Ackerman gives birth to a boy

Later in the day, Mikasa sees a vision of her parents getting attacked by the three men she saw in the woods.[8]

As Mrs. Ackerman gets close to giving birth she is moved to Dr. Yeager's house.[9] Later in the night, Mrs. Ackerman gives birth and the Ackermans joyfully look at their newborn child.[10]


  • Mikasa Ackerman - Mikasa is her only daughter, together they lived a simple life with Mikasa's father in their cabin in the woods.
  • Mr. Ackerman - Mr. Ackerman is her loving husband, together they lived a simple life with their daughter in their cabin in the woods. The two of them expected a second child together and Mrs. Ackerman later gave birth to their first son.
  • Unnamed son - Mrs. Ackerman gave birth to her first son.
  • Yeager - Doctor Yeager is the Ackerman family's trusted doctor who was willing to make the trips to their home to check up on Mrs. Ackerman's pregnancy. Dr. Yeager helped the Ackerman family move to Shiganshina in order to better keep an eye on Mrs. Ackerman's pregnancy. He also helped deliver her second child.[7]