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Quote1 Grisha. You must absolutely not go past the walls. Okay? Quote2
— Mrs. Yeager to her children, Faye and Grisha[2]

Mrs. Yeager is the mother of Faye and Grisha Yeager and the wife of Yeager.[3] She was also the guardian of Zeke Yeager after he turned his parents over to the authorities.[4]


Mrs. Yeager often wears a tired expression on her face with light wrinkles under her eyes and around her mouth. She has unkempt, dark hair and dark-colored eyes. She wears a light button-up and normally wears an apron around her waist when around the house or the mandatory Eldian armband when out.


She is a serious woman who seems to be very worried about her children. Upon hearing about Faye's death, Mrs. Yeager is said to be in traumatized state - she is overwhelmed by sorrow to the point where she cries profusely and cannot speak a word. Contrary to her usual activity around the household following her daughter's death, Mrs. Yeager is less busy.


Mrs. Yeager is first seen warning her children to be careful.[2] Along with Yeager, she was confronted by an officer who explained Faye's death to them. She was said to be lost in her own grief after her daughter died.[5]

Tragedy struck again in the year 832 when Grisha was arrested by the Public Security Authorities. During the arrest, Mrs. Yeager could be seen wailing by her husband's side.[4] Perhaps due to their low-profile lifestyle, Mrs. Yeager and her husband live a long life and raised their young grandson Zeke who went onto become a high ranking soldier.


Marley arc

In the year 854, two decades after the arrest of her son, the now elderly couple welcome Zeke who returns home after the conclusion of the Marley Mid-East War.[6]