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Ms. Can-Do is Ms. Popular (デキる女はモテ女 Dekiru Onna wa mote Onna?) is the 5th chapter of the 5th volume and the 37th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


During the Culture Festival, Hitch comes by the Class Three Bakery stall and reminds Annie of a previous scheduled appointment. When Krista tries to join them, tempers start flaring between Hitch and Krista. With both of them promising to show Annie a good time, who will emerge victorious?


Krista challenges Hitch

After their disastrous performance during the Battle of the Bands, Class Three returns to their bakery stall when Hitch soon arrives and reminds Annie of a previous appointment. As Annie gets changed, Krista tries to go along with them but Hitch refuses. Taking offense to this, Krista challenges Hitch who can show Annie a better time during the festival.

Hitch charms Annie into choosing her

Hitch accepts and begins by taking them to the planetarium, and goes through the plan in her head to win over Annie. After she makes a comment about Annie's appearance, the latter becomes confused and embarrasses Hitch. Krista then decides to take them to a petting zoo. Hitch notices Krista is the only one who is really enjoying it and calls her out. Krista tries to associate Annie's love of cheeseloaf to cows, but fails; however, Annie does admit she would like to try milking the cows. Hitch sees Annie enjoying herself and admits defeat before running off. Annie goes after her, leaving Krista and Ymir by themselves.

Hitch pretends to dislike cats

Annie and Hitch goes to the cat cafe

Annie finds Hitch as the latter is about to go home. Annie shows two tickets to a cat cafe and invites her to come along with her. Hitch agrees and is overcome with happiness; despite wishing to preserve her dramatic reputation, Krista spots her inside. Embarrassed, Hitch claims she is just looking to control the kittens for her own goals; both Annie and Ymir look on with skepticism while Krista wholeheartedly believes Hitch.

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