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Quote1.png Welc...ome...home... Quote2.png
— Ms. Springer's Titan greets Connie[2]

Ms. Springer is the mother of Connie Springer and a resident in Ragako village. She is transformed into a Titan by Zeke during Wall Rose's supposed breach.[3]



In her human state, Ms. Springer appeared to be an older woman with bright amber eyes and mild wrinkles. Her dark blonde hair appeared fairly long but was kept in a formal bun. She was only ever seen wearing a semi-formal light colored dress with a short collar for a portrait with her husband. She also had large, light eyes that seemed to be partly sunk in due to age, and she was seen holding a humble, monotone expression.


In her Titan form, Ms. Springer has a large head with a wide open mouth and large amber eyes. She has medium length, dark blonde hair flipped upward due to her permanent resting position as a grounded Titan. Her torso is a triangular shape with thin skin, outlining most of her ribs and even showing a few uncovered ones. Her arms and legs are incredibly small and thin skinned, showing bony outlines of her skeleton. Due to her huge head and body with her severely underdeveloped limbs, she is unable to move from her house which she permanently lays in as she was turned into a Titan on the spot, crushing her home.


Though Ms. Springer appeared to be a calm, humble woman from her portrait, her Titan looks very enthusiastic. Despite being turned into a Titan, she was able to have enough willpower to forcefully mutter out the words "Welcome home," to Connie when she saw him return to their house, happy to see her son alive after the Titans appeared in Wall Rose.[2]


The Female Titan arc

When her son, Connie Springer, stood in a crowd to join the Survey Corps, he retold to himself that his mother would have been so happy to see him join the Military Police Brigade.[4]

Clash of the Titans arc

Before the Wall Rose invasion, she and the other inhabitants of Ragako village were gassed by a squad of Marleyan soldiers then turned into Pure Titans by Zeke Yeager.[5]

During his patrol of Wall Rose for a breach with the Survey Corps, Connie returns to his home, Ragako village, to see if his friends and family made it out alive. When he rushes ahead to his home to check on his family, he finds it destroyed with an immobile Titan laying in the ruins staring at him.[6] In tears, he is shocked to see not a soul around and the village in ruins and he then presumes that everyone was eaten. However, he is then comforted by Lynne who tells him that they all must have escaped due to the lack of blood stains or body parts in the area. Connie lights up a little and mounts his horse as Gelgar orders that they set out once more to locate the breach.[7]

Connie encounters the Titan

As Connie begins to walk away on the horse, the Titan laying in his house mutters to him "Welcome home," and he stares at it, shocked. He is then yelled at by Reiner Braun, who tells him he has to focus on the mission and despite Connie's claims that the Titan almost sounded like his mother, Reiner pushes him forward and tells him that now is not the time to be talking. Connie wholeheartedly agrees and pushes on, ignoring his suspicions of the Titan.[8]

Later, within Utgard Castle, Connie and his squad sit around a fire and Ymir asks what became of his village. He then tells her that it was destroyed but no one was eaten, but that it was bothering him that a Titan was laying on his house unable to move and he states that it really resembled his mother. He is then interrupted by Reiner who asks if he is really a blithering idiot and then Ymir begins frantically laughing, ridiculing his idea and saying that he is an idiot for thinking such a thing. She then goes on to make a sex joke about his parents being Titans until Connie yells at her to shut up.[9]

The Uprising arc

Ms. Springer's son Connie appears in Erwin Smith's hospital room with Hange Zoë as she explains her findings on the investigation of Ragako village. Hange explains that the houses appear to have been exploded from the inside and that not a single trace of blood or death was found in the area, however, all of the citizens remained missing. She then explains that the total number of Titans killed during the supposed breach of Wall Rose corresponded perfectly with the number of residents in Ragako. Hange then theorizes that Titans are actually humans that were somehow transformed to a Titan state.

Hange's reaction after explaining her discovery that Titans used to be humans

Recalling the investigation, Hange held up a portrait of Connie's mother to the Titan laying on his house, showing the resemblance. Connie stated that it talked to him and that Reiner and Ymir thoroughly tried to get the idea out of his mind because they knew he was on to them. Hange then returns the portrait and thanks him. Connie states that all he has left is this picture and his mother. He then tearfully swears revenge and Hange's face turns to a shocked, mortified expression at their latest discovery.[10]

At dinner, Connie later states to his friends that he will be leaving for his village the following day to try and learn something new in regards to his mother. After he leaves, Sasha Blouse questions if there is still a possibility that a way to turn Connie's mother back to normal still exists. Armin Arlert then states that he is confident they will find one if they continue their research of the Titans.[11]

War for Paradis arc

During Marley's revenge for Liberio, the Survey Corps captures Falco Grice shortly after the boy receives the Jaw Titan in the midst of the battle. While Jean Kirstein believes Falco should be fed to a soldier who was transformed into a Titan by Zeke Yeager's spinal fluid such as Dot Pixis, Connie insists that Falco should be fed to his mother. Armin is against feeding Falco to any Titan lest further hostility with the Warriors continue, but Connie decides regardless to kidnap Falco and escape the battlefield as the others are preoccupied with approaching Titans.[12]

Reaching Ragako village, Connie attempts to have Falco fed to his mother's Titan, but is foiled when Armin shows up and decides to sacrifice himself, forcing Connie to abandon his plan and save Armin. Connie realizes that even if his mother became human again, she would have suffered if she had inherited the Colossus Titan, lamenting how she told him to become a great soldier, but instead he almost killed a child and one of his friends.[13]


  • Connie Springer - She loves her son very much, supporting his dream of joining the Military Police Brigade as he leaves Ragako. Even in her Titan form, she is able to mutter the words "Welcome home," to her son when he returns to the village for the first time, happy to see he had not fallen victim to the Titans of Wall Rose's breach.[2]


  • Ms. Springer is the second Pure Titan shown to speak words with meaning. The first is the Talking Titan.
  • Thanks to the discovery of Ms. Springer, Hange was able to securely deduce that Titans were in fact once humans before being transformed by unknown means.[10]
  • She is the only known surviving Titan inside the Walls. Her relation to Connie Springer, immobility, and use in scientific research likely justifies the Military allowing her to live.



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